Olabisi Akanbi’s Labo Group Goes for Music Talents

With new sense of purpose and fresh ideas, Labo Group, a firm with multiple interests in real estate, automobiles and entertainment, run by Olabisi Akanbi, has shown a strong desire to make a mark in the Nigerian entertainment industry. Under its entertainment subsidiary known as Labo Entertainment, the music label pulled its weight by inking a deal with popular singer, Dotman, to help reposition the singer’s career.

The Akube crooner aligns with the label to help develop and promote his talent to a global audience. Labo Entertainment is no stranger to the terrain. The label, which birthed in 2004 and later got registered in 2008, has previously worked with commercially successful artistes. In its first coming, the label had under its roaster wave-making artistes, such as Konga, Sideone, Ecoman and Smapee. Although it took a break to expand its business interests in real estate and automobile dealership, Labo has never taken its eye off Nigeria’s fast-growing creative sector.

The Epe, Lagos-born brain behind the label, Olabisi Akanbi has vast business background, studying International Business Management at Cavendish College, London before he proceeded to broaden his skills at St’ Patrick’s College, also in London. As a product of humble beginnings, Akanbi can relate very well to challenge of funding faced by most Nigerian talents. He said, “Some of Nigeria’s biggest talents are on the streets, not on the stage. My goal is to discover and develop such talents for a global audience.”

With an honour as City People’s Music Special Recognition Award for 2018, the showbiz man has more goodies up his sleeves. He said: “With the benefit of my long term experience in the game, I am excited that we will make a big impact this time around. That’s what I want to achieve with Dotman. He has an hunger to go global and that’s something we both share.

“Our entertainment industry has gone far beyond our thinking. When I first ventured into entertainment in 2004, the industry was highly underestimated by people who have capacity to support it to move forward. I think we need to create more content to be able to meet up with our goal.

I am looking at investing in entertainment in a very big way. I am coming back fully with lots of learning as a businessman that knows what he wants. Right now, I am talking to few artistes with a view to signing record deals.”

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