Fragrance Specialist, Rachael Salisu Set Introduces her new Perfume Lines


Fragrance specialist and entrepreneur, Rachael Salisu is set to take the fragrance world by storm with the launch of her global perfume and cosmetics brand headquartered in Dubai, Real & Davis Perfumes. A wife and mother, Mrs. Salisu, who received her degree in Business Management from the University of Jos in Nigeria has transformed her business degree and appreciation for exquisite fragrances into a successful cosmetics brand that caters to both men and women.

Having found the Perfumes brand with her husband, Davis Salisu, she explained that she views perfumery as an extension of her passion and her dream of creating unique experiences for all people. She explained, “My focus is not on the financials of my business, rather it is on giving the best of myself and sharing with my clients the finest of what there is to offer in fragrances and cosmetics. My motivation and major source of support are my family and friends, they give me the strength to reach new heights of success, both in her my personal life and as a co-founder of the brand.”

With figures like Tara Durotoye of the House of Tara, Kim Kardashian and the founder of Ebony Life TV Mo Abudu as sources for her inspiration, Rachael seeks to make an impact in the world through her business and personal life.

Mrs Salisu also shared that even though the coronavirus pandemic has slowed the world down, part of being hygienic is smelling and looking good. “Our Perfumes is committed to the well-being of our customers, which is why we encourage cleanliness at all times,” she said.