Babatunde Rufai: Why we are Dwelling on Poverty Alleviation, Youth Empowerment

As part of his contribution towards the growth of the economy, astute entrepreneur who equally doubles as the CEO of Wear It All Luxury and Wear It All Entertainment, Sodiq Babatunde Rufai has today May 1, 2020 launched his first of its kind charity foundation tagged ‘ The Babatunde Rufai Foundation’ (BRF).

According to Rufai, one of the focal agenda of the foundation is to direct positive energy in favour of people living with disabilities, youth empowerments, capacity building and poverty alleviation amongst others.

Rufai further noted that what better way does one celebrates his birthday other than putting smiles in the faces of the people considering the present situation of the country as a result of the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 virus. He said , “ Today May 1, 2020, I am deeply glad that I have been able to reach out to over 2000 vulnerable people and still counting with our major focus of not just reaching out to people in Lagos alone but to spread our tentacles to other states in the coming weeks.“

Speaking further, Rufai disclosed that in the area of youth empowerment amidst this Pandemic, all hands are currently on deck towards working out an online portal where youths can register to enable them gain skills in areas that includes Web design, catering, fashion, makeup to mention but few; all at no fee charges. It is however pertinent to note that over time he have donated his experience, wealth, skills and talents towards creating a better world through charity.

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