HRH Appolus Chu Takes Over Oneh Eh Nchia Stool in Eleme Kingdom

HRH Appolus Chu

By Mary Nnah

Chiefs, elders and stakeholders from the six clans of Nchia have unanimously HRH Appolus Chu, the Egbere Emere Okori Eleme and paramount Ruler of Ogale Eleme as the new substantive Oneh Eh Nchia.
Nchia is made up of six clans which include Alesa, Aleto, Alode, Agbonchia, Akpajo and Ogale. These clans are made up of smaller communities headed by traditional Rulers and chiefs that form the council of chiefs and elders.
By this development, another superior stool which is Oneh Eh Nchia (King of Nchia) has been added to the stools being occupied by HRH Appolus Chu which include: Egbere Emere Okori Eleme and Paramount Ruler of Ogale Eleme.
It was gathered that the tradition of Eleme permits a traditional ruler who has exhibited high level of performance and competence in the ability to lead and take responsibilities of the community to also be given higher stools in the event of a death or voluntary resignation of the occupant of that stool.
In a press release made available to THISDAY, a traditional title holder, Chief Peter Olukanwi noted that the selection of King Appolus Chu as the Oneh Eh Nchia is in line with the culture and traditions of Eleme as all the chiefs in the six clans of Nchia unanimously took the decision after due consultations.
“Today is a special day in the history of Nchia in Eleme kingdom. What has happened today is that the chiefs and stakeholders of Nchia haven considered the vacancy in the stool of Nchia, appointed His Royal Highness Dr. Appolus Chu as Oneh Eh Nchia”, Olukanwi added.
Shortly after the selection, a delegation was sent to the palace of King Appolus Chu to offer ritual prayers with a bottle of Dry Gin which represents the stool of Nchia as the custom demands and the Royal Monarch is expected to accept the bottle of dry gin placed in his palace, as any attempt to reject the stool could amount to grievous consequences.
HRH Chu who has been in self-isolation as a result of the total lock down and restriction of movement in Lagos state, is expected to be back after the lockdown and covid19 pandemic to accept the mantle of leadership bestowed on him to lead the good people of Nchia.
In the meantime, congratulatory messages have begun to trickle in to His Royal Highness Dr. Appolus Chu which further shows a general acceptance of his candidature by his people.
Amongst whom joined in the roll out of congratulatory messages include: HRH, Prof. Isaac Eyi Ngulube, Paramount Ruler of Alesa Clan, Chief Benson Dibiah, Emere Obininkiken Alesa, chief Awala Ogbu, Emere Okori Ogale, Chief Engr. Paul Obelley, Chief Mgbere Ogbu, Chief Harrison Onungwe, Chief Pepe Alale, Chief Adeya and several others who described the emergence of HRH Appolus Chu as a square peg in square hole.