TechSpires, K12 to Boost Nigeria’s Education with Online Classroom Initiative


Rebecca Ejifoma

With the multidimensional growth in technology, communication-focused artificial intelligence and internet accessibility, education is on the front burner, hence, TechSpires Inc, a workforce development company is bringing one of the largest online public school provider in the US, K12 to Nigeria.

The American based and best-regarded K12, which operates virtually online in the U.S, provides certified education curriculum and learning for kids, High School, Diplomas, Degree and Professional Certificate programmes tailored to accommodate student activities.

According to the Director of TechSpires, Mr. Smart Nwachukwu, their objective is to strengthen the academic achievements of students in Nigeria and West Africa who are preparing to sit for the West African Examination Council’s (WAEC) whether it is “O” levels, “A” level or regular examination.

“Techspires in partnership with K12 is geared towards putting the Nigerian students on the same academic path with their counterpart in the US, UK and Canada in Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Core Learning, Counselling, Arts and Linguistic (English, and French).”

Nwachukwu further highlighted that the partnership is introducing online virtual classrooms to Nigeria and West Africa in online elementary school, high school programme, adult learning, and career readiness through its renowned Keystone Online School and Destination Academy.

He added: “For a determined busy adult with a dream of completing a certificate or degree programme, or seating the WAEC, this is an opportunity. Every programme is tailored in consideration to the students.”

Explaining that this platform affords the student a comprehensive learning environment and a distinct opportunity to obtain both WAEC and a US Diploma that will give them access to any American University or Universities in Canada or the UK.

Describing the initiative as education for all, Nwachukwu noted that part of students benefits include a double Diploma with the adult learning not left out. “Professional certificates and degree programmes are the same class with those obtained in the Universities as you are directly affiliated. Nigerians also have access to scholarships just as their American students”.

Citing statistic which shows that with a population of over 200 million Nigeria in 2015 had a youth literacy rate of 72.8 per cent and an adult literacy rate of 59.6 per cent the director said it was high time “We took that percentage to a higher level of educated population”.

He advised: “As we embrace new technologies, let us also open up to disruptions in systems. K12 and TechSpires online virtual classroom education initiative is one of those major positive education disruptions to a system that is constantly evolving.

“Our readiness to log on now will certainly change the tide to our favour. It is education for all”.