AACS Partners Doctor on Demand to Transform Nigeria’s Health Sector

Rafiu Abina, Managing Partner, AACS (left), with Ian Tong, Chief Medical Officer, Doctor On Demand, during the agreement signing ceremony in San Francisco, California, United States of America recently

AACS, an international consulting and principal investments firm, has entered into an agreement with a leading health-tech firm, Doctor on Demand, to explore solutions to transform Nigeria’s healthcare system.

Doctor on Demand is America’s highest-rated tele-health platform. The company operates the virtual care and primary care practices for Walmart Inc. and is supporting Walmart and Sam’s Club to deliver parking lot testing for COVID-19. Doctor On Demand is also the tele-health provider for some of the largest health plans in the United States, including United Healthcare, Optum Health, and Humana.

Rafiu Abina, Managing Partner, AACS and Ian Tong, Chief Medical Officer at Doctor on Demand, signed the agreement on behalf of their organizations in San Francisco, California, United States of America at the weekend.

Remarking on the potential of the agreement, Dr. Falil Ayo Abina, Chairman of AACS, said “the potential of health-tech to address Africa’s healthcare challenges is well known, but no one has actually delivered the required capabilities at meaningful scale to make a difference. Leveraging Doctor on Demand’s platform and expertise will eliminate much of the execution risk and allow Nigeria to become the leader that we all know it can be.”

He added, “At AACS, we are committed to promoting solutions. We believe that the existential threat caused by COVID-19 should be the catalyst for innovation in the Nigeria healthcare sector and are advising leading international tele-health firms and supporting local initiatives to make this happen.”

A senior executive advisor at AACS, Professor Femi Omololu, said there was no better time to look at a comprehensive overhaul of the healthcare system in the country than now.

Omololu who is a John Hopkins alumnus and a visiting scholar to the university’s school of hygiene and public health with years of research in healthcare across several multilateral institutions, affirmed that the time to bridge the gap in the country’s healthcare delivery is now, stressing that the deployment of tele-health option would be critical in bridging the gap.