Obieze Launches Converged Digital Entertainment Play

Vin Obieze

Vin Obieze

Vin Obieze has launched his mobile converged digital entertainment podcast app, StreamPluf.

The app which is readily available to all Android and IOS users is one creative idea, brilliantly executed one would agree.

According to him, StreamPluf is part of its vision of building a digital entertainment ecosystem for Digital Nigeria by delivering technological services
and making it accessible for customers through innovative devices and exciting applications.

Much like an Iroko app,Streampluf delivers realtime music and live Church streaming on one platform, delivered across screens: StreamPluf brings one of the widest entertainment catalogues – hundreds of Live Church TV channels,
tens of thousands of live streams, millions of songs, plus access to all the popular Celebrity lifestyles on one platform.

It enables customers to access all this content across the screen of their choice via Smart connect to TV, PC, and Smartphone with a unified user interface.

The app also comes with exciting features that include; Paid content providers, 24hour relatime streaming from Facebook or Youtube, and instant notifications.

Streampluf brings you high quality live streams of Church events, football, MMA, Boxing, WWE and other live shows to your view.

It loads a database of sports TV channels compatible with your mobile device.

“As part of our digital entertainment play, our vision is to truly massify digital entertainment and make it accessible to more and more customers through innovative platforms.

Today, we are announcing Nigeria’s first converged entertainment platform that brings together your favorite content including Live church contents, video, music, news, and sports across an APP.

Our Vision is to transform the way content is being consumed over internet connected devices. StreamPluf will cater to needs of a new generation of consumers who are looking for seamless and converged entertainment across multiple screens at home and on the go,”
Vin Obieze, CEO, QARALAX NIGERIA, said.

Vin Obieze hopes that it will serve as an encouragement to young entrepreneurs in the tech space hence he created a more sophisticated revamped version of irokoTV apps.

The refreshed app has a new user interface and much sharper content discovery and recommendation engine with Data saver options.

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