Nwaora Augustine: Hunger will kill Faster than Corona Virus

Nwaora Augustine

Nwaora Augustine

The Abuja based real estate and hospitality tycoon, Mr Nwaora Augustine David aka Austyn David has warned that if relief plans and materials are not well prepared ahead for families who survive below minimum wage before a need to totally shut down the entire country arises due to the upward climb in the cases of corona virus across the country, these families will be the most affected and hunger may be a bigger concern to them more than the virus itself.

“It would be grossly insensitive to order people to shelter and stay home without offering a reasonable economic relief plan. This economic relief plan has to be far reaching, all-encompassing and robust: it has to meet firstly the needs of the common man and woman on the street as well as struggling families; to meet their basic economic needs for a potential nation-wide lock down. People won’t continue to hunker down as hunger will probably kill them faster than some virus would. A social-distancing measure that does not take into consideration the peculiarities of the Nigerian state will be counter-productive.” He further addresses.

The 31 year old businessman and entrepreneur who hails from Anambra state, Nigeria is the director of Bentell properties Limited and CEO of Suave properties limited ventured into the real estate business after inheriting the craft from his parents Chief Ben Nwaora and Chief (Mrs) Ethel Nwaora 8 years ago and has successfully built a reputation for himself in the real estate and hospitality industry. The graduate of philosophy from the University of Ibadan has said that Nigeria is in for tougher times in the coming weeks due to the COVID19 pandemic stating that the low incomes earners will be the most hit during this time of crisis.

Augustine who also has a master degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from Nile University of Nigeria and a PhD in-view in political science with specialization in international relations has advised the governors of states across the country to see this crisis as a lesson to be more prepared and not to wait for a viral outbreak before erecting hospitals and medicals facilities as well as acquiring personal protective equipment for medical professionals in their respective states in order not to be taken by surprise in the future.

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