Mixed Feelings for Dr. Deji Adeleke

There are some folks who will never believe in the culmination of events, fate or the mystery of times. The author of the troubling bestseller, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams, said that anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen, happens again.

Some people will be quick to point out that since these are very funky and awkward times for the billionaire and father-of-a-billionaire man, Dr. Deji Adeleke, it serves him right. A harsh judgment, if ever there was one. But there are undoubtedly many who sympathize. The subject of this whole tale is the recent gist that Chioma, the eye of paparazzi, wife of popular Nigerian music star, Davido, and daughter-in-law of Dr. Adeleke, has been infected with the Covid-19 virus.

The story must begin with Davido, the highlife and contemporary music talent, Davido (real name David Adeleke). This guy, nearly everyone knows, has a minted identity. In other words, rich and wealthy are the most used synonyms to his name; ergo, the popularity of his moniker, ‘omo baba olowo’, the son of a rich father. His other primary public identity is that of a passionate lover, the heartthrob of Chioma, the lady responsible for young women panting and asking for Benzes and cash-well automobiles. Now, he is being labelled the husband of a Covid-19 patient. But his father is really the one in the crosshairs.

It was not so long ago that Dr. Deji Adeleke purchased a private jet, a member of the prestigious and expensive family of Gulfstream jets, that was allegedly worth about $65 million, which tumbles just over ₦23.5 billion. Now that it is time to enjoy that beauty of a plane, isolate himself in its glinting interiors and sip wine with uniformed hostesses close at hand, the daughter-in-law goes and gets infected with a dreaded virus.

Although Chioma tested positive for the virus not so long ago, folks that emphasize are stating that she is young, and has had access to excellent nutrition; therefore, there is no cause for alarm. She will recover, and then all three of them – Dr. Adeleke, Davido, and Chioma – would cruise around in the newly acquired jet, with no virus infection to fear.
In the meantime, most folks are torn between sympathy for Dr. Adeleke’s daughter-in-law and celebratory salutations for his newly-acquired bird.

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