Harrow School Launches Two- year Online A-Level Programme for Nigerian Students


In the past, distance learning focused on non-traditional students like full-time workers, military personnel and nonresidents or individuals in remote regions that are unable to attend classroom lectures. However, distance learning has become an established part of the educational world, with trends pointing to ongoing growth.

A recent survey shows that more than 5.6 million university students were enrolled in at least one online course or the other.

This trend ignited the passion by Harrow School Online a 450-year-old boarding school in the UK, which counts Sir Winston Churchill and six other British Prime Ministers among its alumni, to launch its ‘virtual sixth form’ to teach Nigerian students A-levels online.

The online school is aimed at providing high-level education from expert tutors to the academically minded students who are ambitious. The kind of students that aspire to go to Oxford and Cambridge.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos, the Principal of Harrow School Online, Ms. Heather Rhodes, said the new venture has been set up to deliver the same kind of education as it is within the four walls of a classroom and cater to students in a “rapidly changing world”.

According to her, “education must adapt to the new challenges this presents and reflect young people’s lifestyles and aspirations.”
She said it was a matter of necessity to bring the campaign to Nigeria to speak to Nigerian students considering that the already enrolled Nigerians in Harrow School are wonderful and the life and soul of the community.

The online institution has a virtual house system and offers students the opportunity to study, write their A-level exams in Nigeria respectively across the British examination centres in the country rather than being housed in 450-year-old bricks and mortar school building in North-west London.

Also, students will be given one-to-one academic tutorials, live online lessons with a teacher and other students, as well as regular coaching sessions for support.

Rhodes added that students enrolled at the online school will be able to attend a summer course at Harrow School, as well as take part in extracurricular activities.