Firm to Empower Educators with Technology


Private school owners, teachers, school administrators, lecturers, education consultants, university undergraduates and government bodies are expected at this year’s ’21st Century Teachers’ International Conference.

The programme, organised by CsFirst Lagos Edu Consult, a Microsoft Education partner, will hold on March 21 in Lagos and was designed to equip participants on the use of technology for teaching, learning, collaboration and management with the latest methods of education technology application in teaching and learning while embracing the newest technologies for connection- based learning.

It will also ensure a learning that will connect classrooms to any other in the world, virtual field trips, classroom flipping for collaborative learning and preparing future-ready students.

The co-founder and Director of CsFirst Lagos Edu Consult, Mr. Uche Nwaobi said an analog teacher cannot teach a digital student, adding that educators must develop their 21st century teaching skills if they must fit into the industrial revolutionised education system.

He described such system as a world that will be ruled by artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced digital learning tools for 21st century schools.

“Our conferences are designed to enlighten the entire school community on the need for effective integration and application of technology in teaching and learning; the need for teachers to be IT compliant and the proper use of technology as a tool for improving teaching skills that impact pupils and students.

“The training is carefully crafted to also equip teachers and educators, encourage collaboration among pupils and students; and improve their creativity in and outside the confines of the classroom,” he said.

A co-founder of the organisation, Mr. Akpan Emmanuel said illiterates of 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.

“Teachers of the 21st century would not be mere teachers but forward-looking educators who are aware of the ever-changing paradigm in technology and are in tune with the future it brings to education.”

He said participants will receive step by step digital training materials for all presentations at the conference, useful links which include e-education materials and other freebies from Microsoft and CsFirst Lagos Edu Consult international partners supporting digital learning in Africa
“The one-day conference will be completely hands-on, with practical sessions on Microsoft OneNote, Office 365, teams, forms, Onedrive, Empatico, Flipgrid, Wakelet and other tools that will enable teaching and learning become innovative, fun and a creative process of preparing future-ready students.

“Participants will be armed with the exciting ways of applying digital tools in teaching and learning. The participant will also be inducted into Microsoft educators community continuous learning across the globe.”

The lead guest speakers at the conference include Babatunde Vaughan, learning delivery specialist from Microsoft Nigeria, Teijas KY, Business Development lead, WAKELET UK, Nancy Ekpezu, among others.