FBN Insurance Empowers Staff


FBNInsurance Limited has explained its reason for embarking on quarterly training of its managers.
It explained that the exercise was targeted at continuous improvement of sales knowledge and capacity of its retail team as well as aligning the company’s sales team with its corporate strategy.

FBNInsurance Managing Director, Val Ojumah, said this at a recent training organised for the managers in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
“The firm recognises that the retail sales team, with its over 3000 sales force is crucial to its growth and its positioning as the insurance company to beat in the retail space,” he explained.

Ojumah, commended the efforts of the retail team and the sacrifice the team has made to put the firm in the top spot.
“The retail team is the company’s potent sales force. This team of over 3000 vibrant men and women from all over Nigeria has sold insurance under the sun and in the rain to ensure the company stays ahead in the retail space.”

He noted that every company that has set its eyes on being the best recognises the importance of having managers who can inspire their subordinates to be more diligent, adding that this is another reason for the institution of the FBNInsurance quarterly training.

According to Ojumah, FBNInsurance, was aware that motivation is vital to the provision of exceptional service and its subsequent rewards, adding that key to this was training.

“It is pertinent for us as a company to continuously train managers of the retail team on managing the retail workforce as well as addressing issues confronting the company, with a view to providing exceptional service to our customers, as well as motivating the retail sales force to strive for more.”