Amazing Grace of Igho Sanomi

Igho Sanomi

It is very unusual for thunder to strike twice on the same spot. In fact, very rare. How many people can replicate a feat, years apart with resoundingly heart-warming result? Things are looking so good For Nigerian businessman and Philanthropist, Igho Sanomi. With the strings of successes, he is gathering and lining his prestige with, who’s to say whether or not his fate was written with golden ink and pen?

It wasn’t all that long ago that Igho Sanomi embraced the brilliant – but frowned-on – idea to move to Dubai and leave Nigeria to her makers and markers. To many, this was a foolhardy decision that spoke against the collective sense of awe he had evoked from onlookers over the years. But the man had a plan and an agenda, to live life in a steady, non-hasty way, soft of voice and opinion. And he was right.

All that firm grasp of the corporate jungle came in handy in Dubai, and he soon carved out a work station for himself there, brand growing bigger and bigger and the owner getting quieter and quieter.

Igho Sanomi, a man in his middle forties, is renowned for having grown his company – Talaveras – from a middling outfit to one of the largest commodities trading companies in Africa; all within the span of a decade. That’s a businessman.

Like a barman on a roll, Sanomi’s vaunted years were characterized by fingers oiled with the soup of every corporate pot (oil, power, logistics, telecommunications, the maritime industry, aviation and real estate). His operations, as expected from someone of his stature, ran along the continental lines of Africa so that he could even maintain offshore bank accounts with minimal effort.

The latest gist from around him is that he has really taken to his new life in Dubai. In fact, while business is flourishing and folks are eating from the crumbs of his table, the man himself has grown even more sombre, avoiding controversies and unnecessary attention with a vigour alien to his former self.