UK Based Nigerian Singer Charges Stakeholders to Invest in Music Industry

Princess Wonda

The Nigerian music industry has had its highs and lows over the past few years but with the high demand for Afrobeat globally; this puts the biggest African music industry on a roll to keep supplying great contents to suit the demand.

This is view of Nigerian musician Princess Wonda, who has urged the stakeholders in the industry to invest more to keep it growing. This is what she has to say on a chat with our correspondent:

“Investing more financially is definitely going to keep us in demand up there; this could also expose us to bigger platforms and that way, we will be more visible. Some people still have no idea what Afrobeat is, it is our job collectively to treat ourselves as though we are at par with pop artistes because we are new. Burna Boy performed an Afrobeat song at the BRIT Awards and made history doing so. We are stronger and more powerful than we know.”

When asked about her views on the growth of Afrobeat and her plan for the year 2020, this is what the light skinned soft-spoken 27-year-old musician has to say:

“I think it is an amazing movement, what a proud time to be African and also part of the musicians promoting the culture to the international space. I am also so glad people are becoming more receptive and have developed a new found love for this hidden gem of a genre. This year, I plan to travel to Nigeria at some point and do my own ‘year of the return’ as they say. I also plan to release more singles, it is important for everyone to get to know me, my sound and what to expect. I’m very hopeful for what the future will bring and I can’t wait for my fans to hear what I have been working on and I promise not to let them down.”