Okada Ban: It’s Another Win for Lagos!


Penultimate week, when CNN gave an update on Air Quality, the speed at which Lagos moved up to three from its number five position excited those, who understood the importance of clean air that is breathed in and out.

But this didn’t happen by accident. It was a direct result of the recent ban on commercial motorcycles and tricycles in the state especially, those that run on what is called two-stroke engine. That model of motorcycle has been identified to have the most lethal carbon monoxide.

Interestingly, the good news came up again last week, and this time, with the bar raised. The Air Quality update of last week by the CNN rated Lagos as having gone some notches up, including trumping cities like Abuja, Dubai and Riyadh.

Whilst Lagos moved from its third position penultimate week to second last week, Abuja was on number five just as Dubai and Riyadh maintained the fourth position respectively. This is not just worthy of mention; it is worthy of salutation to a leadership that made this happen.

For leaders, making hard choices in larger interest is sometimes inevitable. It is also incumbent on the led to always go beyond the mob mentality and see the overall good in certain decisions by the government. Okada ban is for collective good and interest. Thumbs up, Lagos!