Football, a Pillar for Sustainable National Peace, Says Gonzalo Coach


The Technical Crew of FC Bulmaro, led by the Argentine Coach Gonzalo Dibiasi, last weekend filed out, at Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School, Idiimu, Lagos, taking the participants through various rigorous sessions of training to hone their talents, making them better football players and excellent and selfless teammates, to making them better leaders.

The students who exhibited undaunted and proficient skills in a trial competitive exhibition match between the world select and the Wazobia- the Nigerian select, comprising the various ethnic groups, as the symbol of diverse cultural difference, yet the essence of the nation’s bonding force of peace, progress and unity, and fostering true nationhood.

This Rev. Fr. Maduabuchi Leo Mouneme, the school administrator said is one of the reasons the non-profit academic institution is founded all over the world.

He added that the school decided to accept the very kind gesture of FC Bulmaro free training clinic, to add a unique unfamiliar value to the annual event, arguing that there is no global sporting event like the football Mundial or Olympics that cultural displays would not be a key part of it, which shows how influential and strong these things unify humanity.

In his response, Rev. Fr. Chuks Afiawari, the Provincial, said the Jesuit approach of a child education – female or male is holistic. In a way the children would grow up in a great manner, they will never depart from it because they are very well nurtured to be complete human beings who can adapt to any situation without bias.

Leslie Oghomienor, who was the special guest of honour at the event said the club in line with her social responsibility policy will continue to seek ways to help better the Nigerian future, by helping to educate and train children who are interested in and willing to better themselves and live their dreams in ways devoid of social vices that hurt society.
“Is a very fruitfully and a fulfilling way to live one’s life, helping others become better persons. That way we are bound to faceless social crises. This is an idea that we are very passionate about,” he said.