Fmr. THISDAY CSO, Okolo Launches Booklet on Restitution Formula


Yinka Olatunbosun

Jacob Odewu Okolo, a retired officer from the State Security Service and a Chief Security Officer for 14 years at THISDAY Newspapers is set to launch is booklet tomorrow in Ogba, Lagos.

Titled, “Nigerian Triangular Repentance and Restitution,” the author described the book as a liberation formula that would cleanse Nigeria of the lingering consequences of the bloodbath recorded during the civil war era.

The booklet is a blend of social commentary and personal account and its overall tome is prescriptive as the writer offers certain recommendations for true reconciliation to take place. He blames the problems associated with governance in Nigeria on some of the unresolved issues of mutual distrust among the three major ethnic groups. Of course, he suggests practical ways in which the government can resolve the insecurity in North-east which is gradually creeping up on other parts of the country.

“Mr. President should as a matter of urgency plan to occupy the Sambisa forest completely. This is because there are enormous military and economic advantages that would accrue to Nigeria and North East sub-region locally and internationally,” he advised in the booklet.

The 89- page booklet is an easy read with its legible print. In reaction to a few typographical errors in the booklet, the author has promised that the next edition which will be out soon will be spotless.