Ibrahim Magu

The fight against corruption in this country is gradually gaining momentum, with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission at the helms of affairs in the fight against this evil. Although the stakes are high, the positive record is more and everywhere for the citizens to join. Little wonder why the Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, has on several occasions and at any given opportunity call on the citizens to own the fight against corruption. The fight against corruption is a tough one from the process of petition, investigation, arraignment and in some instances recovery, conviction and sentencing. The corrupt is also fighting back with every resources at its disposal and will seek sympathy from corrupt citizens who enjoy some of the proceeds of corruption.

There is no doubt that corruption is Nigeria’s greatest challenge; it has caused a lot of pain to the government and citizens alike. The effect and consequences of corruption is everyday manifesting in our lives. From bad governance to dwindling economy, from education, health, job creation, youth unemployment, entrepreneurship and rise in cybercrime. Worst is security which makes us all vulnerable. Our borders have become safe passage for criminals, bandits and terrorists who carry out attacks on innocent citizens.

Nigeria should be better than any country in areas of improving the lives of its citizens; in the health sector, education, agriculture, science and technology, entrepreneurship, transport, good governance, transparency, accountability, security, job creation, peace, development and progress. Our population is put at 200 million, and God so kind, has blessed us with varying abundant mineral resources which when appropriately used and utilized, we all can boast of having the giant of Africa of our dream.

Sometimes this year, during the passing out parade of detective inspectors of EFCC at the Nigerian Defence Academy, NDA Kaduna, the Acting-Chairman of EFCC, made a clarion call to citizens of this country to stand up against corruption and to be counted in the fight to redeem our country from the pangs of corruption. One lesson to take home from this passionate plea is that our country’s greatest enemy does not know the color of our skin, neither does it care about our religions, culture, gender and geography. When corruption attacks, it attacks us all at the same time, force, strength, level and the effect is highly devastating.

Abbas A. Umar,

Jabi, Abuja