Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

You know he is bald-headed but in that head is the wisdom of Solomon. So I had gone to visit Baba Obasanjo to intimate him of my plans to produce a play about his life titled Aremu. OBJ listened to me very carefully and said the person to talk to was not in town.

That once he comes back, he will link us. That was how I was introduced to the world of Mr. Aderinwale. Our first meeting was an excursion as he took us down the road travelled by Karl Marx and Albert Einstein in a discussion that was very deep and intellectually stimulating. As he spoke, I was wondering if this talk would not make me miss my afang woman at Onigbogbo who had sent a text asking if she could sell the last afang. Anyways, as we progressed in the project, aiming to deliver one of the most exciting stage plays this country has ever seen, I began to see why this gentleman is so important in the life of Chief Obasanjo.

I hear he has been with him all of 30 years and did not run very far during the Abacha attack. He is so cerebral, very eloquent and clear-headed. I do not think anybody understands the former president like Ayo. His guidance and support has made this journey quite remarkable. I am watching you.

I need to understand how you mix this level of reverence, brilliance with a large dose of humility while still remaining ever loyal. As he would shout, Dukeeeeeeee you have a long way to go. Be like say when we finish with Aremu, my next play will be Ayo and unlike Aremu where we had to go through over 500 actors to get Aremu, this one I go just ask Papi Luwe to do it. Gracias sir and well done.