LG Electronics Enhances Consumer Lifestyle with New Products


In this new age of digital technology and connectivity, people are living more conscious lifestyles and paying more attention to energy usage and waste management. In this new decade, minimalists are focusing on sustainable living, a report has stated.

Owing to this, it disclosed that the LG brand now brings to mind strong association of its company tagline, “Life’s Good”.

“LG’s forward-thinking, AI-powered Proactive Customer Care for its leading appliances alerts users to energy usage and water consumption and provides thoughtful advice for improving efficiency and saving money is one of innovations that will redefine our lifestyle this decade.

“Similar, the premium LG Signature boasts a line-up full of space-freeing minimalist products. The LG Signature OLED TV R is the perfect example –designed around the philosophy that a TV shouldn’t have to take up much space when not being viewed,” the statement added.

According to the Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics, West Africa Operations, Mr Hari Elluru, “having less things in a smaller environment can be surprisingly calming, more so when matched with a minimalist lifestyle.

“This lifestyle can be quite liberating as well but shouldn’t be confused with simplistic living. Doing more with less is about maximizing the at-home experience. Instead of seeing this as a threat, LG views this trend as an opportunity.”

Elluru stated that the just concluded 2020 Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, LG unveiled its framework for the future of artificial intelligence (AI) development.

“At CES 2020, we showcased the LG ThinQ technology — one that goes a step further by using deep learning to predict and play a proactive role in the user’s life – from a fridge that can tell you when to buy milk, to a dressing room that picks the best outfits for your body type; LG is giving us a glimpse into the future.

“We are creating more personalized solutions that we enrich the lifestyle of our customers. We are focusing on pattern learning to optimize and personalize device functions. LG’s AI uses a concept called experimental learning based on the scientific method. It can develop new capabilities through forming and testing hypotheses to uncover new inferences, enabling them to learn and improve, adding more value to users’ lives”, he said in the report.

The South Korean multinational electronics company’s Signature Kitchen Suite is all about luxurious built-in appliances that blend innovation, precision and purposeful design in one package for inspiring more creativity and efficiency in the kitchen.