Fighting Nomination Blues


Sundays are gradually becoming a dreaded day for the love guests. It is the day they are put through the emotional task of nominating one another, a duty that they are not happy to discharge. Last Sunday’s live show saw the strains of the nomination on some of the nominees. The love guests were taken to the auditorium band given a card to write down the names of those they wish to nominate for possible check-out. The names were later revealed by Dakore Egbuson-Akande who also disclosed who nominated them.

Couples with the highest nominations were Jerry and Meriton (Jeriton), Chiddy and Sylvia (Chivia), Presh Talker and David (PreshDavid), Michael and Cherry (Micherry), Iyke and Theresa (Iykeresa) and Obichukwu and Ebiteinye (ObiEbi).

However, Jeriton was saved by Aunty after showing more bonding during the Couple Mission Task with Chivia.

While others displayed good sportsmanship, others sought for reason to justify why they were put on the chopping block. There were still couples who thought they needed to explain their decisions. For instance, Sylvia felt their nomination of Jeriton was perceived as retaliation. Sylvia was formerly Jerry’s partner but Jerry didn’t show interest in her. She however found a worthy partner in Chiddy Banks who entered the Love Pad last week. It turned out that Sylvia changed her mind last minute to replace Jerry and his partner with Micherry. Unfortunately, her partner Chiddy, misinterpreted her decision and stuck to the former plan. Feeling guilty, they both decided to explain their actions to the affected couple.

There was also Jennifer Koko and Louis (Jelo) spat with Micherry. These two couples nearly came to blows as the latter couldn’t fathom while Jelo would put them up for possible check-out this Sunday.

For ObiEbi, life goes on. In the estimation of most of the love guests, they are childish but viewers found them real and funny.
Despite the growing tension in the house, some couples are finding happiness. A good example is Double Chris. These two seemed to have found the right connection as their chemistry gets stronger everyday.

With less than 72 hours to the live show, viewers are anticipating which couple will have their love story cut short.