Good Night Tony


How do we say good night at noon day and expect to sleep well? But we have been forced by death, to say a hasty goodnight to Tony Iwelu, the Chief Security Officer to Rt Hon Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, the minister of Transportation, who was electrocuted in the bathroom of Stone Edge Hotel, Kaduna. Who would have known that death was lurking in the wings of that beautiful and clean environment? Who would have known that death wasp was wrapped in those beautiful beddings, waiting to sting the dutiful and loyal Tony? As a DSS operative, Tony had always displayed great sense of professionalism, while not losing his humanity.

He was often humble, eagle-eyed, and friendly. You cannot miss his smile. You cannot miss his neatness. He it was that always made you feel loved, feel wanted, feel welcomed. With Tony, your visit to see the Honourable minister, would always be a delight. So good he was that he had to be retained after Amaechi’s governorship years in Rivers State.

It is curious that in all his travels, it is in Kaduna, a hotel prized enough to accommodate a minister, that death had to trap the Ogwashi-uku (Delta State)-born Tony. Tony’s sudden death shocks even our nerves. And we all collectively appear so helpless, so hapless, so speechless. Tony, we are forced to say Good night.