Slimcase and His Pongilah Virus


Slimcase recently released an explicit single titled Pongilah ( a Yoruba word for a stick sweet or lollipop). The track is the first for the hype man who goes by the moniker Otunba Lamba this year, and features the ‘Zanku’ crooner Zlatan.

The song basically talks about how ladies lick sweet to prosper. In other words, it refers to the practice of fellatio by females as a means of survival. The lewd lyrics mirror the level of obscenity that is promoted by some of these artistes. However, what is more heartbreaking is the Instagram posts on the Slimcase page.

As it has become the tradition of music artistes to promote their songs through social media challenges, Slimcase set up a Pongilah challenge where fans or fame mongers put up videos of them imitating a sexual activity. This can be in the form of dancing erotically (mostly twerking) to the beat or baring ‘holy parts’ of the body for the world to see while practicing the act of fellatio with a lollipop or a fruit.

Since he started the challenge almost a week ago, with a N250,000 cash prize to be awarded, his Instagram feed is filled with immoral videos that often leaves one wondering the difference between his page and a porn site. The eagerness of the female fans to display their nudity all for a few moments of fame is disheartening. It questions the role of entertainers in a society like ours as well as the morality of today’s youths.

Apart from the fame, it also shows the level of poverty in our society today. It is not news that social media has become a place where users beg celebrities for money and celebrities likewise give out cash to fetch more fans. By luring fans with such cash prizes at a time where the economic situation is biting hard, it is inevitable that fans will grasp the opportunity.

However, these artistes understand the power of sex in showbiz and are exploiting it in every way possible to garner fame and of course wealth.

To be sure, he is not the first entertainer to promote such indecency on social media. When rapper Olamide released his 2019 single ‘Pawon’, he uploaded videos of scantily clad women dancing to the song.

In a write-up about the singer Tekno’s indecent view of dancers in a moving van saga last year, this reporter argued that it is going to be a long walk to decency with the slow response to such perpetrators of these acts by regulating bodies. At the speed Slimcase is spreading the virus of obscenity, it may be a lost hope for well-meaning Nigerians who clamour for a sense of decency in the entertainment scene.