Chi Lists Benefits of Lychee Fruit Juice


Chi Limited has announced the launch of Chivita 100% Real Lychee Blend fruit juice in the one litre Tetra aseptic packaging.
A statement from the manufacturers described the product as sweet and exotic, reiterated that the lychee is a small, delicate, rare fruit that grows in subtropical regions throughout the world.

It originated in China where it is especially popular, and is present in many countries of the south-east Asia continent.
“Lychee is widely regarded as the ‘Fruit of Royalty’ for its delightful flavour, exquisite taste, satisfying juiciness, and immense health benefits. The ancient Chinese consumed this super fruit and its juices to promote positive energy circulation in the body and overall well-being.

“Round in shape, lychees are about the size of a walnut, and have an outer shell with a textured surface which is usually reddish-brown or pink in colour. Inside the outer shell is a soft, succulent, jelly-like flesh that is white or pearl-coloured with a sweet, delicious taste,” it stated.

According to the statement, the lychee contains a good amount of fibre and B-complex vitamins which aid metabolism.
“The fruit also contains nutrients like manganese, magnesium, copper, and iron required for the formation of red blood cells in the body. Research has also shown that the Lychee fruit helps boost the body’s immunity, regulates blood pressure, aids weight loss, is good for skin, and helps maintain strong bones.

“No matter how you consume it, whether eating the actual fruit, as a pure fruit juice, or blended with other fruits, lychee is a delightful, tasty, and pleasurable fruit.
“The new Chivita 100% Real Lychee Blend fruit juice is a great addition to the already existing range of Chivita 100% fruit juices which come in Orange, Pineapple, Apple, and Red Grape variants,” it added.