CoralPay Deploys C’Gate Solution to Ease Payment


Obinna Chima

CoralPay  Technology Limited has deployed the C’Gate, (CoralPay Payment Gateway and Processing) Platform, which has been described as the first interoperable USSD and mobile payment processing platform, which assures seamless and secure payment (Financial and Non-financial) transaction processing.

The C’Gate platform is a composite payment-processing engine. It allows customers using the USSD short codes of their respective banks, alongside their mobile Apps to pay for goods and services directly from their bank accounts and wallets.

The transactions are accepted on point-of-sale (POS) terminals, Automated Teller Machine (ATMs), Smart and Feature Phones on e-Commerce websites as well as ChatBots.

The C’Gate also has capabilities for card processing, telephony processing, account to account transfers, and several other forms of payments.

Speaking in an interview, the Chief Executive Officer, CoralPay Technology Limited, Chioma Nkechika, explained that the C’Gate platform, can best be described as super payment processing engine, designed and built based on varied experiences from across the globe. It embeds several global payment designs and standards into one processing base, as used in developing the solution.

Presently commercial banks, insurance companies, Health sector operators, Mobile Money Operators, Other Financial Institutions (OFI, PSB, MFBs) and Insurance Companies, have all adopted the payment solution. Some of the Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) are GTBank, Zenith Bank, UBA Plc, First Bank, Access Bank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank, Wema Bank, Keystone Bank, Sterling Bank, Providus Bank among others.

Nkechika, explained further that, “For the insurance companies, the ease of collection of premiums from their customers across urban and rural locations has been a huge concern, it comes with a lot of difficulties due to logistics challenges and non-availability of sufficient secure payment points, which has now been solved with the C’Gate solution.

“Also with the C’Gate, you are able to remotely and securely pay your premiums to the designated Insurance Company account for onward remittance to your specific purpose account. For our several partnerships in the health sector (Private and Public Sector alike), payment and remittance of health insurance premiums, has been made more secure and simplified.”

Nkechika described, “the one key feature of the C’Gate platform, that has been most interesting and novel, to be considered as the flagship product, is the ability to use your USSD payment code from any bank or OFI (Other Financial Institutions) to pay remotely on any point of sale (PoS) terminal that has been deployed in the market today and a receipt printed.”

Speaking further, he described CoralPay as an institution that was conceptualized essentially to fill the identified gaps in the e-payment ecosystem. “Typically today, though some of payment processing institutions have tried to develop solutions for financial inclusion, these have largely operated in silos that have not allowed for full integration of all partners and upcoming startups in the ecosystem.

“Our objective as Coral pay is to create a Gold Standard for Payment and Transaction Processing in Africa”. When we describe gold standard, it is not just to say you are redefining standards, but you are taking the best of practices across various payment schemes and their stakeholder communities alongside regulatory partners and bringing it into a common standard to create a Gold Standard for Africa promoting our uniqueness.

“So today, CoralPay having launched this platform, we call C’Gate (CoralPay Payment Gateway). We have provided a ubiquitous platform that enables commercial, private and public institutions alongside their customers and patrons to transact using varied types of payment instruments that are available in the market today, through one seamless payment platform.

“Existing today are USSD codes, cards, telephones, accounts. Also you have other tools and devices that exist, but one thing that has remained a problem is that they have all operated in silos, because the channel on which they can transact are limited to their design.

“But with the C’Gate platform, all of these different tools can all work from one base platform which is the Coral Payment Gateway and Processing Platform”

Listing the benefits of the C’Gate USSD solution, Nkechika said: “Convenience and Security is key”. The USSD payment code switching as offered via the C’Gate platform offers convenience and security enabling users to either when physically present on location or remotely pay for good and services with ease.

“But beyond the convenience and security value, is the time efficiency of the transaction process. Most typical transactions today take an average of 30 seconds to 40 seconds to consummate. However with our improved streamlining we have been able to achieve within 20 seconds to complete a transaction, particularly for straight string dial transactions. So, it is faster. Then also in terms of the cost of processing, the C’Gate USSD transaction cost is cheaper compared to other payment instruments.

“Indeed we are delighted at the speed of the integration, adaptability and adoption of use of the USSD code for payment across several of the Key focus Verticals for growth of electronic payments transactions in Nigeria which include, Health, Hospitality, Agriculture, Entertainment & Gaming, Transportation, Education, Government Flows, Retail, Smart Cities/Communities etc. We have taken this payment value several notches higher with the C’Gate platform and we achieved this success through partnerships and collaboration with other stakeholders and partners in the payment ecosystem.”