Your Spouse and the Late Night Hours


Managing Relationship

By Adegboyega LABIRAN

On a Scale of twenty four hours, couples apply themselves to different endeavours depending on the time of the day and their respective secular callings. There is a time of the day when couples are expected to be at work. Social Club, religious places, supermarkets, homes with children and discuss issues relating to the family.

There is another time, couples manage to escape the hustle and bustle of life and are both in a solitary confinement in the comfort of their homes all alone. This time can variously be defined by different people. For the purpose of this piece, this writer would like to define the late night hours to span 10.30pm and 05.30am.

During this period, a lot of things happen between a man and his wife. They can simply be described as endless. The writer would like to eavesdrop into those things they say to themselves. The first category is a consideration about those couples deeply in love and hence can safely be described as best friends and compatible in their relationship.

Way back in time, these couples told themselves by way of ground rules they would retire stark naked and discuss those issues relating to their love lives alone in what you may want to classify as bedtime stories. Consequent upon this principle, some issues were restricted to the dining table, some other issues restricted to the general hearing of people within the radius of the living room.

Other issues relating to workplaces were not only left behind but also relegated to some 5000 meters away from home. These are disciplined couples who would not allow their minds to wander away from the company of the love of their lives at lonely hours of the night.

What then do they discuss whenever they are in a solitary confinement?

They both longed to be alone at this time of the day hence they eagerly await its arrival.For this category of lovers, it is an opportunity to retire into the hands of a lover for succor. They can both be described as best friends.

The wife kick started the meeting with a warning that her husband should stop accessing her” local government headquarters like a thief in the night”. This was with reference to an intimate relationship two days earlier. She insisted she deserved to be conscious, before that wonderful experience that interrupted her sleep.

Her husband with a bedroom voice, cut in with an apology. He maintained, the surprise access was intended to be a surprise. He quickly asked whether she saw the credit entry in her account for the shopping she slated for Saturday afternoon.

She acknowledged the receipt and queried why his body temperature was so high. He replied, it was nothing to worry about. He had been very curious to access the comfort of her loving hands. Another, five minutes in her hands would eliminate artificial high body temperature.

He reached for a drawer by the bedside and produced a plastic bag containing brand new under wears. A surprise package intended for delivery to her, only, at bed time.

An attempt to get out of bed and try them on her to situate the level of fitness in her body was refused. He insisted,

That could be done in the morning. He quickly reminded her it was coming up to twelve days she had seen her monthly menstrual period. He pleaded it was time to start another baby.

The bed time stories continued until their voices were no longer audible. It was coming up to 12.30 am. The couple had gone into another realm a third party cannot comprehend.

This is the quite time you could engage your spouse in soul searching and do a catching up with the mileage you could not cover while both of you were courting and were desperately in a hurry to walk the aisle .

Anyone could ask the following questions all in the bid to interrogate and place your best friend on a better pedestal on the matrimonial platform.

Would he guarantee you if it were a pre condition for securing a loan for kick starting a small business?

How would he approach a Good Sex, on a mutual note or he approaches it like “a thief in the night” in the bid to access your womanhood.

Has he come to terms with your pet project? Is he showing any interest to assist?

What is your spouse’s disposition to money? Straight forward or he is an unpredictable personality with money?

Is your spouse an introvert or an extrovert? Does he like his privacy? Or he wants all the political affiliates around him?.

What is your spouse’s favourite food? Does he have a dream country he desperately longs to travel? Have you taking note of a short and a long time ambition about your spouse?

Does your spouse have a social life? Are you on the same pedestal with him on this note? Are you comfortable leaving your spouse in the company of the opposite sex, if you were not in town?

Would your spouse listen and consider your opinion on a subject before reacting or replying? Or would you describe your spouse as a dictator who does not accommodate suggestions or a second opinion.

Would your spouse celebrate you at any point in time or you are of the view, you are only been tolerated? Are you emotionally connected?.

Are you soul mates? Would your spouse be proud to hang out with you in public even if you were pregnant? Would you rather wait for his arrival before eating?

Would you like to sit on his legs when the opportunity presents itself?

Do you feel he should always carry you in his arms? Are you of the view he should spread your legs and give you the weirdest treatment you have always wanted down there? Would you call your spouse kind? Is your spouse your friend?

Yet another category of couple had issues, with what to discuss and at what time.  Results of elections for the selection of candidates in his political party were itemized, and the reasons why the chairman of his party must be removed was the subject matter at bedtime

Curiosity for his loss in the primary election was prominent in the living room and at dinner. The husband never knew where to draw the line between issues relating to politics and his love life. His wife felt neglected and only tagged along until such a point when she had to bring him to realizing that he did not get married to his political party.