Expectations, Aspirations and Goals for 2020


Ayodeji Ake, Sunday Ehigiator and Chiamaka Ozulumba, who sampled the opinion of some Nigerians, write that aside their personal goals, their expectations and aspirations  for 2020 are for government to provide infrastructural development, basic amenities, as well as create better business environment for all to thrive in 

Year in, year out, the needs of Nigerians practically remain the same; provision of basic amenities by their elected officials, infrastructural development across board, favourable business environment and adequate security, amongst others.

The incoming year is no different. As the curtain dropped on 2019 last Tuesday, to open up to 2020, the clamour across board is for security of people and properties, good governance, stable economy, vibrant health sector, viable education sector without incessant strike actions and basic amenities- good roads, stable power, adequate housing and potable water. THISDAY sampled the opinion of Nigerians across board and here are the excerpts:

Ezegbogu Malachi, Medical Doctor
My expectations for Nigeria this 2020 are for a stronger and a more united country, actualisation of the dreams of our founding fathers, strong and functional government institutions, better implementation of our annual budget and a better economy. Also, I expect a stronger respect for human rights and freedom of the press. More opportunities for our teeming youth and development of indigenous talents.
Mr Osanyintola Oladayo, Oil Contractor
My expectations in 2020 are really high but I want to believe it’s impossible. Firstly, I will say the government must be able to provide some basic social amenities that can help improve the livelihood of all inhabitants of this country.
Secondly, they must improve on job creation in various sectors of the economy. This has a long way to go in improving the economy and this would also encourage Nigerians to study because they know there is a reward for hard work.
In addition, refining our crude oil here in our country will be of a better advantage and would boost the economy better, especially when the refineries function well and are properly managed.
In conclusion, my expectations for Nigeria are beyond those mentioned and I know with God and good leadership, we should get positive results in no time.
Mr. Adetola Adeleke; CEO Azacom Global
My expectations for the year 2020 are a remarkable improvement in infrastructure, projects across the country to enhance true dividends of democracy. This is not limited to power, agriculture, education, rural development, urban renewal, power generation and transmission, prompt payment of workers salaries and allowances etcetera.
Engr. Jim Oriahi, MNSE
 Nigeria is a great country and my expectations for 2020 are as follows: I want a Nigeria that is more focused on human development because the higher the Human Development Index (HDI), the more prosperous the country becomes. Unlike the GDP or GNP, which give income and productivity only, HDI is a vehicle for which income is turned into development; in the education or health sectors for instance.
For a country to develop, the literacy level, education, and health sectors should be a priority to the government. Government must ensure that citizens have access to good health care, child mortality/mobidity  rates at birth are of concerns, with access to quality education and a platform to incorporate learned knowledge to real-life situations.
I look forward to a Nigeria where Income Per Capita is put in check to ensure there is a balance in labour/payments received per annum. High per capita income signifies high economic and financial security for the Nigerian populace.
The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is also used to determine the per capita value. Industrialisation plays a major part in a country’s development. For a country to grow, the rate of industrialisation and employment must be high, thus creating some level of job security for her citizens is very important.
I want Nigeria to be such a nation with higher export than imports leading to more profits from the international trade which will ensure that there is economic growth. A Nigeria with political stability. Having stable political environment, low or no corruption, and high level of respect to the country’s laws. Good governance ensures that the level of corruption is low, transparency in the various activities of the government, and employment is based on merit.
A Nigeria with good standard of living and with respect for all classes of her citizens. A Nigeria where the government and the masses uphold her peace and unity, and a country with freedom for all.  God bless Nigeria.
Prince Ozioma Ohia, Real Estate Contractor
According to the nobel laureate Professor Chinua Achebe, ‘Nigeria’s struggles as a nation has been of leadership problems and these are manifested in policy formulation and decision making and how these policies are implemented- most of which are not people friendly and  proposed policies are anathema to the polity. Some are even enacted oblivious of the electorate and the citizens. The question remains; Cui Bono?
The current administration should focus on what every Nigerian yearns for. The development of the human potential. The United Nations Millennium Development Goals of vision 2020, is centered on ‘Human Capital Development’. Great emphasis and energy should be directed towards this area.
Thank God for the policy of the Central Bank towards farmers, a step in the right direction. It should not be a political goal scoring point. Professor Claudius Ake asserts that ‘Mans Basic need is Food, Clothing and Shelter’.
We should see more partnership between the federal government and the higher institutes of learning especially in the agro sector.
There is a positive expectation from the citizenry in the coming year concerning power. The challenges of power generation should be overcome.
Vivian Oyinatumba, Student 
I pray 2020 graces me with better opportunities, growth and, I hope Nigeria becomes a more conducive environment. The year 2019 did not really favour me; the year was a rollercoaster of different events rocking the country. This is why I pray for a better 2020, and that the government at all levels will do more for the masses.
 Endurance Evulukwu; CEO Endykollections
My hope and expectations for the new year is to make Endykollections a fashion household name in Nigeria, and for every Nigerian woman to be an endykollectionswoman. I want to expand my business, so as to create job opportunities for the Nigerian youth. Then I want Nigeria to get better, and for every Nigerian to be passionate about contributing to nation building. And most importantly, I want to move closer to God
Timi Timz, Radio Host, PR and Comms Consultant and Entrepreneur 
I know 2020 is going to be an amazing year for myself and others. It will be full of success stories, love, laughter, travels, lovely experiences and beautiful memories. Life is to be lived!
Kemi Ogunleye, Events Planner 
I pray 2020 would be an amazing year for me; I strongly believe it would be filled with success for me and my friends. I also pray for anyone confused about life and their career to receive clarity in Jesus name. Stay happy always!
Henrietta Okoye; Youth Corp Member
I hope and expect to have a good job come 2020, build up my own business, travel to more than 20 countries, have a family of my own, if God permits. I pray Nigeria becomes a better country devoid of the present economic issues we’re currently battling.
Isi Stella Aigbomian, Midwife
My expectations for 2020 as touching healthcare is basically an improvement on the resources in the health sector, referring to both maternal and human.
In terms of material resources, I am optimistic that attention of the government and all other health related policy makers will come to the conclusion of equipping our health facilities ranging from primary health care to tertiary health facilities with necessary and basic equipment which assure quality assurance of care, both for diagnostic and patient treatment.
In addition, policies that strengthen environmental  sanitation and pollution control be put in place for the benefit of all. I also urge the government to prioritise healthcare of the citizens of Nigerians knowing that health is wealth.
 Rimamskep Ifusumu, Medical Doctor
I expect a robust health institution with cancer centres in the six geopolitical regions fully equipped with modern Radioactive machines, and trauma centres built in three geopolitical regions, more funds for residency training to meet up the teaming or curb population of young doctors traveling abroad and meet up with the country’s population demand. I urge the government to increase budgetary allocation to achieve the above.
Alabi Tolulope, Fashion Designer
To the best of my knowledge, I believe the government needs our taxes to construct better roads in our country, and better roads will reduce the time we spend in traffic daily hence leading to greater and higher productivity on each day’s job/activities. The efficiency from jobs well done will improve the economic system. It will also divert our focus to accomplishing higher goals or trying out new inventions. People and companies evading  taxes are doing the masses more harm than good, citizens who don’t pay their taxes have no right to complain about bad roads and other social amenities. So in year 2020 I implore people to pay their taxes promptly and correctly.
One of the major problems with the governance of Nigeria is that the government is far from the masses. People are hungry, homeless, jobless and depressed, but the people in power seem not to know the extent to which some of their policies are affecting the masses. They should organise town-hall meetings to know what the masses are going through, this will bring governance closer to the smallest groups.
Hon. Ishola Ibrahim, Politician
Last year was really a roller coaster journey. After a general assessment of activities and event in 2019, it gives me great joy and expectations to look forward to 2020 as it will consolidate on achievements of 2019.
I look forward to a 2020 of perfection. A year of joy creation and youths empowerment using available resources at our disposal. Investing in capacity building to make our youths discover their potentials, so as to become entrepreneurs, and in turn reduce unemployment and Al’s positive increase the country’s Gross Domestic Product.
Osayuwame Ebuehi, Physiotherapist
We hope that 2020 will be a good year having signed the budget early for private sector to chip in more businesses to develop the economy.  And as regards the roads and electricity, with the constant and consistent payment of income tax, PAYE and VAT, and Nigerian government investing on it, Nigeria will make a better place.
As regards the health, I would implore the government to provide more beds for hospitals,
adequate facilities and good working Individuals.
On my field, I need machines to process herbal roots and leafs to make it edible and very much reliable for consumption.
Olatunji Adeleke, Professional Photographer
 In 2020, I expect the government to focus on building a friendly economy that attracts investors and embark on growing SME businesses as it will be a good  bedrock for nation building.
I also urge for the government as we approach 2020, they should stop living a lie and embark on serious and constructive poverty alleviation programmes for over 90 per cent of poverty stricken. I urge the government to be prudent in their spending, to be more calculative and wise.
Adeola Alabi, Accountant
I wish a good economy that will give entrepreneurs a fastanstic platform to operate, good road networks and stable electricity, as well as plan towards improving the standard of living of Nigerians by creating job opportunities for the youths.
Adelaja Osisowo, Administrator, Broadcast Media
Of course I expect better reform in policy making that would improve the economy in 2020. And repairs of our major roads both at the federal and state level including local levels. The government should be more proactive rather than reactive to things in 2020.
Joshua Marcus Usoro, Singer and Dancer 
 I expect a better and more stable economy and more opportunities for youths to grow and for health, I believe the Nigerian government should enforce health insurance and better equipment in hospitals for all Nigerians, it will save a lot of lives.