I write to disagree with your Sunday comment of 29 December 2019. Before I proceed let me state that even though that I am from the South East of Nigeria and by implication a Biafran for life and no one can change that, I do not agree with the modus operandi of IPOB.

Now returning to the subject matter. Nigeria and Nigerian people have been unabashedly raped by the wicked politicians of Nigerians thus making life unbearable for hundreds of millions. The fact is that there are only two profitable industries in Nigeria: politics and religion.

For how long shall we sit back in docility and see these heartless individuals who ’lead’ destroy the future of this country? These politicians are taking advantage of the docility of our people to perpetrate and perpetuate their unending culture of rape of our commonwealth. Just look at the recent approval of a whopping N37b to renovate the National Assembly complex, an edifice built with N7billion!

Your fear about IPOB attacking people of other ethnic groups is unfounded because they stated their motives already to deal with their own people. It behoves other such groups from other regions to deal with their own people.

In my opinion, this treatment should start from the local government areas, more like the Omar Bashir of Sudan treatment. Until and unless we come down hard on these criminals who see public office as easy way to great wealth, this country will never develop!

Nigerian people, arise and take back your country!

JT Anyigbo,