Anambra Beefs Up Security, Deploys Surveillance Helicopter

Anambra State Government deployed police surveillance helicopters to complement existing security measures installed to guarantee safe environment for Ndi Anambra during the Christmas and New Year festivities.

The helicopters will be made to fly over the state periodically for aerial security survey of all nooks and crannies of the state.

It will also transmit data to the Command and Control Centre of the Anambra State Integrated Security System (ANISS) and the State Police Command in real time for prompt intervention and response to emergency situations.

The Government of Anambra has assured Ndi Anambra that every necessary measure would be in place to ensure safe and secure environment during the festivities.

It has also appealed to all not to panic on sighting the helicopter, designed to fly at low altitude in some cases.

The deployment of the surveillance helicopter confirmed Governor Willie Obiano’s commitment to safety and security of Ndi Anambra, especially this Yuletide season, when many would be home from all over the country and indeed the world to visit and celebrate with their folks at home.

It also affirms the governor’s readiness to fulfill his promise to Ndi Anambra when he said that his administration would keep awake and do everything necessary to ensure that Ndi Anambra sleep with their two eyes closed.

“The security of the state is a priority of my administration and since its inception on March 17, 2014, it has progressively been sustained,’’ Obiano said.

The buildup of these achievements reached resonating peak on October 11, when the governor alongside the Inspector General of Police, Mr Mohammed Adamu and other security chiefs, launched a security operation codenamed “Operation Kpochapu ll’’.

During the launch, Obiano presented 111 vehicles and 71 motorcycles equipped with modern communication gadgets to security agencies in the state.

In an apparent unprecedented move, the governor presented hi-tech, mobile, surveillance cameras to launch a new and technological Mobile Security System (MSS).

The MSS is coordinated by ANISS via a command and control centre that analyses real-time information transmitted to it by the smart surveillance cameras.

The cameras are fitted with infrared rays for clear night vision and nicknamed the ‘Third Eye’ for their ability to capture data over a 400 meter radius received a boost for more coverage with deployment of surveillance helicopters by the government.

“However, security remains everybody’s business. It is necessary to report crime and suspicious movements in the immediate environments — obey traffic rules and cooperate with security agencies on stop and search duties across the state.

“Remember also to call the emergency toll free numbers: 112 or 07039194332 to report crime and any other emergency situations.

“Drive safe, live safe and be safety-conscious always. Welcome home to the safest state in Nigeria. Do have a Happy New Year,’’ the governor said

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