Emmanuel Seeks Support of Opposition

Udom Emmanuel

Okon Bassey in Uyo

As Christians celebrate Christmas, the Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has called on the people of the state to continue to embrace the peace, unity and development which his administration have pursued and promoted in the past four and half years.

The governor, who made the call in a Christmas broadcast, extended his hands of fellowship to people on the opposite side of the political divide to join him in building the state.

“I urge you to invest more, by your thoughts, deeds and actions on those things that unify us around our common purpose of living in a prosperous and peaceful state and to shun divisive tendencies.

As the elections and the litigation processes are over, the governor said it is now time for governance and promised to continue to work twice as hard to leave legacy as a leader by the time his tenure ends in 2023.

“There are no redeeming values in antagonising the leadership of the state or working to negate the gains we have collectively achieved or financing the publication of unsanitised materials on the developments and vision we have provided simply because you disagree with the leader or the party that controls the state”.

He insisted that the interest of the state is deeper and profoundly more significant than personal interests.

“When we de-market our state and the leadership; when we intentionally manufacture non-existent situations aimed at portraying our state in less than attractive manner, we should remember that we are putting in jeopardy the future of our children whom we should all work to secure”.

He stressed that political parties represent vehicles to seek power, adding that “we should not allow the flaming passions of partisanship affect the cord of our unity and brotherhood.”

“My doors are wide open and phone lines also are open to engage my brothers and sisters on the other side. Come, let us build our land.

“As we settle down for governance, free from the distractions and claptrap of the political space, let me again assure you that we will continue to invest heavily in education, healthcare, enduring infrastructure, human capital development, aviation, industrialisation, power sector, sports, tourism, women and youth empowerment schemes and of course, our Ibom Deep Seaport.

“As we celebrate the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, let the spirit of the season- a season of love and happiness, of goodwill and celebrations be the abiding cords of our unity, prosperity and continuous peace, progress and development,” the governor stated.