Suomi Organises Conference to Address Challenges Facing Humanity

Deborah Mupapa

Ezekiel Okpuzor

As part of efforts to tackle major challenges facing humanity and finding a sustainable solutions, D&K Suomi has organised a conference with a focus to provide possible solutions.

The 5th edition of International Humanitarian Conference, which was held in Lagos recently, with the theme: ‘Facing The Challenges And The Future Together’.

Participants were engaged in the practical solutions for the development of their nations and mended the bridge between the NGOs and organisations around the globe for a better cooperation on the humanitarian field.

Speaking at the event, the founder, D&K Suomi, Deborah Mupapa, disclosed that she was abused physically and sexually by her step father at the age of 12, she was emotionally traumatized for so many years.

Deborah urge other women in Africa that are undergoing similar experiences to speak out in order to receive their healing.

She added that humanitarian crises have increased, women and girls often shoulder a heavy burden in crises and in order for their special needs to be taken into consideration, women’s voices must be better heard and their role as active actors in humanitarian work must be acknowledged.

“Most women in Africa have been abused, molested and violated in different ways, so this is the time for them to speak up and we should encourage them to break the silence to kill the virus within them.”

In her remarks, the founder, Christ The Ever Present Ministry, Dr. Elishama Ideh, noted that molestation comes from psychological mental issues.

“When people are bold enough to talk about their truth, in the experiences they had in area of molestation of any kind, we should be kind to them, compassionate and have empathy towards their situation.

“We should not be judgemental, we should not cast a spell on them because they are already dealing with a lot of trauma and as a society we should encourage them, counsel, pray and love on them until they receive perfect healing.”

She added that: “We women are the change regardless of the society we are because women are not really favored in this terra, but I needed to change the narrative by coming out boldly and taking my steps in that direction which has been like a backbone to many women today by supporting the movement.