Maryam Uwais Celebrates Three Scores in Style

Maryam Uwais

High Life

If there is one thing that separates humanity from the rest of all that is living and is sentient in this earth, it is that there is no height that man will not reach for his friend or someone he loves, admires or respects. Of course, there is no other sentient being who can bear malice in his bones, but that’s a different game altogether.

Man’s affection and compassion for man can lead him to outstanding heights of kindness, more so than usual when the person in question is one with tendencies and temperaments fit for admiration and respect.

Maryam Uwais is evidently one of those people whose tendencies and temperaments are fit for admiration and respect. This is probably why the staff at her ministry surprised the minister in her house and in large numbers all just to wish her a happy birthday, deliver heartfelt gifts and unaffected words of admiration and love, and generally lunch her into an awesome day.

Maryam Uwais is one of the top-riding women in Nigerian administrative circles. Her unique style of the industry prompted her to occupy one of the most envied positions in the seats of society, against high-end odds: as special adviser to the President on Social Investment Programmes (SIPs), a position that allows her to convey the goodies and cakes of the Nigerian republic to its expectant people.

Although many are aware of her marriage to Nigeria’s former Chief Justice Muhammad Uwais, it is fact that she has a shine of her own before the limelight of SIPs. In fact, Madam Uwais was a capable and dexterous Abuja-based legal practitioner and activist before she was appointed by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Her work experience also includes being a non-executive director and member of board of directors of Stanbic IBTC Holdings Plc; founder of the Isa Wali Empowerment Initiative for the healthcare, education, and empowerment of women and children; and different public and private parastatals and outfits which have not only changed the lives of beneficiaries but also signal the handiwork and charity of Madam Uwais.

Perhaps the testament of her worth that needs no justification or defence is the presence of the Vice President, Yemi Osibajo, who chaired the event of the birthday get-together that was thrown in her honour. With N-Power stipends coming in early this month of the year, there is a group of Nigerians who genuinely wish Madam Uwais long life and prosperity.