Cleric Tasks Govt on Insecurity in Nigeria, Decries Constant Attacks on Church


Sunday Okobi

The Senior Pastor of Father’s House Bible Church, Dr. Richmond Leigh, has urged the government to give priority attention to the issue of security in the country in order to adequately protect its citizenry and properties, even as he vehemently condemned the constant bashing of the Church of God.

The cleric declared that there is an existent and ‘unfortunate’ tendency to destroy the Church in Nigeria, adding however that the Word of God still stands firm that ‘the soul that sinneth shall die’.

Leigh, who disclosed this at a press conference at the weekend to usher in the upcoming ‘Epic drama of over 200 casts to re-enact the story of the birth of Jesus Christ’ taking place on December 10 to 12 at Jakande Playground, Lekki, Lagos, lamented that there seem to be a national consensus to destroy the Church with the rumours constantly circulating that the Church is fake and pastors are fake, “but that doesn’t remove the word of God. In spite of what they are saying through referendum or consensus that Christianity is fake among other slating, there is a warning to all Nigerians that there is a grand deception going on in the country, that people would drag the name of the Lord in the mud with impunity, God would not call them to justice, the have failed!”

He further stated that the problem of insecurity has continued to flourish in the country because the government has failed to embark on vulnerability assessment to check areas of possible threats to the people.

Leigh, who pointed out that Nigerians are apprehensive over insecurity in the country, said adequate security arrangements have been made for the staging of an epic drama titled: ‘The Nativity’ in Lekki area of Lagos State.

He said the epic drama with over 200 casts, which an interdenominational programme, would also have a praise and worship concert tagged: ‘Jesus Mega party’.

According to Leigh, “It is the government that has the responsibility to provide security for the people, which is its core duty. It has to provide security for lives and property. They are trying but they must boost the confidence of Nigerians in the country’s security architecture.

“But we are all Nigerians; the government has not gotten it right. They are not doing enough. They need to do more in the area of security. No Nigerian should live and work in an insecure place. That is the general definition of security in the country right now. It is an insecure country.

“”On my own as a pastor what I do is to pray. It’s the prayers that are keeping us alive.”

He expressed the urgent need to have religious harmony to ensure mutual coexistence in the country, saying the current bashing of the church through different means including the social media could heat up the polity and discredit the mandate of the church.

The clergyman said: “The Federal Government of Nigeria is an irresponsible government that is unable to bring justice to people who infringe on the law, but God is not irresponsible, at the appointed time, He will bring justice upon evil doers-He’s a God of justice.

“He will bring to book those who infringe on his laws and bring the Church to disrepute. I am, therefore, calling on Christians to be steadfast that in spite of this Church bashing that is going on, even as some people have decided that there’s no God, and that all pastors are fake, God will bring Justice to all according to their deeds.”

Leigh appealed to the youths of the country to be law-abiding, saying his church has lined up programmes to keep them focused for a brighter rewarding future.