How to Stop Killing of State Agents



Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, last week read riot act to the people of the state, who were quick to attacking and killing agents of the State on grounds not tenable in the estimation of right thinking people. This, of course, followed the killing of an official of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Mr. Ola Oyeshina Ganiu by two suspects, Akere and Ogungbe.

Sadly, this happened at about the time two police officers, were reportedly burnt to death in Anambra State by people suspected to be members of IPOB. That, of course, would be some killings too many for officers of State, people, whose duty is to safeguard and ensure a truly sane society.

Unfortunately, the killings of agents of states may not stop or reduce except governments at all levels make scapegoats of some of the perpetrators of these heinous acts. Serious example must be set and a strong message passed down.

Thank goodness, Governor Sanwo-Olu is making the killing of Ganiu an example of how not to be a good citizen by prosecuting his killers. Although the duo of Akere and Ogungbe had pleaded not guilty, the long arm of the law must be deployed to such effective and efficient use with a view to bringing in the criminals. The madness must stop.

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