MR  Bigg’s Bags ‘Restaurant of the Year’ Award By


Omolabake Fasogbon

Quick Service Restaurant, Mr Bigg’s, has  been  awarded ‘Restaurant of the Year’ by  the Change Nigeria News (CNN-Nigeria) in Kaduna, Kaduna State.

According to CNN-Nigeria,  the company was considered  for the award as a result of its service consistency in the market.

The panel of judges for the award further declared that the company’s operating environment and ability to sail through harsh economic environment all contributed to the decision to honour it with the prestigious award.

“In an era where customer service has witnessed a new low by the blocking off of charging points for customers, Mr Bigg’s stands out by leaving open its charging points. This alone signals a welcome gesture that keeps endearing it to its many settlers in Kaduna.

The parking space is always clean and ever free from encumbrances such that it always have enough parking space for customers.

“The convenience is one special spot that attracts attention. After over a decade, it retains the excellent neatness the convenience was known for,”  the panel pointed out.

Recently, Mr Bigg’s launched its model restaurant at Northwest Filing Station at VGC, Lagos and some other parts of the country.

The new restaurants, according to the Marketing Manager of  UAC Restaurants,   Mrs. Ethel Mba, depicts excellence and offers a wide variety of meals ranging from local to continental dishes.