Use Ayade’s Industrial Revolution to Market Nigeria, Ohakim Tells FG

Former Governor of Imo State, Mr. Ikedi Ohakim, has lauded the industrial revolution of Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State, urging the federal government to use it to promote the country internationally.

Ohakim, who stated this during a visit to the Ayade industrial Park along Goodluck Jonathan Bypass in Calabar, applauded the governor for moving the state from a civil service one to an industrial hub in Nigeria.

He encouraged other governors in the country to understudy Ayade with a view to replicating the achievements in their respective states.
“I think the world, not only Nigeria should know what is happening here. When we talk about peer review, I recommend that other governors should come here and emulate what Prof. Ayade is doing in Cross River State,” he said.

While urging the media to partner the government to promote the achievements in the interest of the state and country, he added that “this place (Ayade Industrial Park) must be showcased by Nigeria as an example of the good things happening. Every time the media propagates the bad things, they must be able to display the good things too because alot of good things are happening here and I’m highly impressed.”

Continuing he said: “This is not a facility, this is a mega complex. When the youth shout revolution, this is the type of revolution I am looking for. This is intellectual, economic, cultural and industrial revolution in its totality. He is moving from political revolution to the real revolution that Nigeria needs.

“Look at the thinking behind this complex. In the next five years, I am thinking that about one million people can be employed in this mega city. I am thinking of the reason behind the setting up of this complex; this is a revolution, it is a paradigm shift.

“Cross River state used to be a civil service state but you can see that the governor is trying to recreate and move it to a manufacturing and production state. Look at the Agro-technology being applied, look at the production, look at everything here, look at the integration; that is very important.”

Describing Ayade as a “Wonder Governor”, he insisted that ” Prof. Ayade is performing wonders; this is a wonder governor, he is doing something that will take time to mature but once it matures, the entire country will benefit. He is not concentrating on roads only because even a private citizen can build roads but he is thinking beyond the normal to develop the state.”

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