End of an Era: Access Bank Chairman Belo-Olusoga Steps Down


Times change and are changing. The beauty of the seasons is not only that they divulge the secrets of hidden natural cycles, or rattle old Mother Change from her bristling needlework, but that they announce new beauties, new blades of grass, new aches and new passions.

Once in a while, they also announce new leadership, and camel-loads of ideas, old and new. And it is a new day in Access Bank as Madame Mosunmola Belo-Olusoga stepped down as the bank’s chairman.

There aren’t that many notable characters around in the first place whose propensity for continued success and accomplishment elicit equal measures of envy and admiration. And yet, Madame Mosun has ascended the heights of the financial pyramid as a dowager of industry and panache. Having thoroughly convinced the economic community that rumbling voices and balding gentlemen do not a hierarch make, it is evidently time to slow the roll and relax from the banking jungle.

Thankfully, not all success stories are rife with maltreating, spiteful and scheming story casts.

Sometimes boorish beginnings and steady percussions are just the right settings for something truly awesome. And Madame M embodies that awesomeness.

A busy bee from all indications, even whilst she was the chairman of Access Bank, Madame M reportedly sat in full capacity on numerous boards, not excluding Premium Pensions, Action Aid and MTN Foundation. Moreover, she featured as the non-executive director of Assets and Resources Management as well as chairman of ELAN. That should put a durable stop to moonlight stories where the naiveté of a child surrenders to the wisdom that one only has a pair of buttocks and cannot sit on plural stools.

Lady Mosun has had an interesting run. To borrow the words of Walt Whitman, knowing the perfect fitness and equanimity of things, while they discuss she is silent, and go bathe and admire herself.

And so whilst this season brings encomiums of her stepping down, chances are that an evolutionary cavalcade is not far behind. Seeing as her retirement from Access Bank chair was neither forced nor accompanied by slanders, but only the end of a stipulated cycle, ears and eyes should remain attentive. This is not the last the financial industry has seen of Madame M.