Mamador Targets School Children through Campaign


Raheem Akingbolu
In a bid to promote and encourage healthy feeding habits among Nigerians, premium brand, Mamador, has launched a campaign spurring Nigerians to adopt a healthy and balanced breakfast lifestyle.

The campaign seeks to emphasise the importance of breakfast as the most important meal of the day as well as provide information on easy and affordable breakfast options and recipes.

According to the promoters of the brand, the PZ Wilmar brand was also using this campaign to further introduce consumers to the latest addition in the Mamador portfolio – the Mamador Light Fat Spread. The newly-introduced spread is said to contain ‘health and taste benefits that deliver on healthy nutrition and is packed with nutrients that helps children and families have an active head start to the day, amongst other benefits.

According to a brand representative, the breakfast campaign would involve a series of activities geared towards sensitising the public on the need for a healthier approach to breakfast. PZ Wilmar Food Ltd., through its new Mamador Light Fat Spread, seeks to reach and educate millions of children in select schools across the country as regards the importance of breakfast and the role it plays in their optimal bodily and mental functioning.

Through the breakfast campaign, the brand also seeks to create awareness as regards the health repercussions of unhealthy breakfast habits and food combinations that are typical of Nigerians, proposing healthier options in the process.

Assistant Brand Manager, Mamador, Omobolanle Akin-Fatodu, emphasised the need for families to not only eat breakfast, but also the healthy kind, which is the ultimate goal of the breakfast campaign.

“Not only is it important to eat breakfast, you should also eat the right kind of breakfast – a meal packed with nutrients to get you off to a great start and keep you going throughout the day.

“Sadly, it is the most skipped meal of the day, so the product is on a mission to help Nigerians develop a breakfast-eating habit, and a healthy one, at that. We recently launched our new Mamador Light Fat Spread which offers loads of benefits – it is Cholesterol and Trans-Fat Free, very easy to spread with a creamy buttery taste and most importantly, it provides the required vitamins and minerals essential for growth, development, and optimal functioning of our bodies and minds,” she said.

Category Marketing Manager, PZ Wilmar, Chioma Mbanugo, also shed more light on the Mamador Breakfast School tour, emphasising the need to drive understanding of the importance of breakfast to children.