2023 Presidency: It’s Turn of South-east, Says House Member


Adedayo Akinwale ín Abuja

A lawmaker representing Igbo-Eze North/Udenu Federal Constituency of Enugu State, Hon. Simon Atigwe, has said in the interest of equity and peace, the South-east should be allowed to produce the next president of the country.

Atigwe, while speaking with journalists yesterday in Abuja, said an Igbo man as Nigeria’s President would do exploits considering the fact that Igbos are people full of industry and ingenuity when it comes to turning opportunities to great potentials.

According to him, “If equity should come to play, it is not disputable; it is the turn of South-east. If it comes to the South and it doesn’t go to the South-east, then there must be a very serious reason. I don’t think anybody can proffer such reason to convince people easily. I don’t think anybody has that reason that it should not go to the South-east.

“One, it is the turn of South-east, if you are talking about turn. Two, the region has capable people. Three, South-east has contributed immensely to the development of this country: academically, politically, financially and even during the struggle for independence, the South-east people were in forefront. “So, it is purely the turn of South-east if it comes to the Southern zone and I think we should respect ourselves and allow it to be so,” he added.

Atigwe also urged the federal government to sustain the closure of the borders for more than two years, to enable Nigerians reap the benefits therein.

He explained that apart from helping to checkmate the influx of arms and criminal elements causing insecurity in the country, the border closure would compel Nigerians to resort to agriculture, while those in farming business would have value for their labour.

The lawmaker noted that the decision of President Muhammadu Buhari to shut the nation’s borders was the best decision to be taken by this administration.

Atigwe added that it doesn’t help anybody that borders should be opened to importers, while smuggling goes on uncontrolled, noting that apart from making the country lazy, the country is also losing income and revenue.

The lawmaker was of the opinion that if the border closure could be sustained beyond two years, the country would be able to produce whatever it needs and also save the economy