Firm Introduces New Agricultural Solution


Big Dutchman Agriculture Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of Big Dutchman International, has developed an innovative agricultural management system for egg production in Nigeria.

According to a statement made to THISDAY by the Cooperate Communication Officer, Eniola Oluwatusin, the innovation system which is known as EasyStep56 layer cage, aims to support many African farmers and small scale entrepreneurs in the development of the egg production industry.

The statement also noted that the EasyStep56 layer cage is a management system for layer chicken. It explained that the system is available in two handy packages with a total weight of 55 kilograms, adding that this makes the cages easy to carry and aids comfortable transportation.

The Managing Director, Big Dutchman, Thomas Ogundiran, explained: “The EasyStep56 layer cage will encourage small/medium scale entrepreneur to start egg production on a small scale. They can begin from one unit and gradually increase to more units as their capacity increases. The set-up of this cage is very easy and everyone can do it.”

Oluwatusin further stated that only three tools are required to set up the cage, “they are pliers, an open-ended spanner and a hexagon spanner. All parts of the cage are pre-drilled and pre-cut upon supply.”

The National Sales Manager, Big Dutchman, Adebolu Fatunmise, explained that the major benefits of the system in comparison with traditional barn egg production systems are the 56 capacity layer cage, 20 percent egg increase, low mortality rate, durability, efficiency, accurate feed and water supply, none feed wastage, manure removal, soil fertilization, simple assembly and efficient production.