Mr. Money Kunle Soname Stages Lavish 90th Birthday for Mom


The life of a man is a congregation of everything that he has been through and all he has to show for it. But more than all that, the things he values give a pretty intimate representation of who he is and can be. Although he needs no introduction – you will see why much later – we welcome Kunle Soname.

There are men of weight and substance who are Nigerians, but quite a few have managed to crawl into the hearts and homes of Nigerian youths and not be politicians. Although Ogbeni Soname is a suspiciously closet politician, he was already astride our hearts before he caught influenza politica.

For those outside the pool, Soname is the owner of Bet9ja, the leading digital sports betting company that gives sports lovers in Nigeria the opportunity to place bets on various games and stand a chance to win cash if the bet is successful, and the misfortune of losing cash when it isn’t. For all those Ijebus who have wondered where their capitals went…

Kunle Soname is also a popular guy outside lotto and sports betting. He has been recognized as the first Nigerian national to own a foreign club – a second division Portuguese football club side called Clube Desportivo Feirense, which he acquired in 2016 and owns a whopping 70 percent.

Of course, Soname does not stop there. His illustrious company, Bet9ja was the sponsor of the just concluded Big Brother Naija, a show that is rumored to have garnered the owl attention of more than 100 million Nigerians. Compare this with the last presidential elections and see how influential this man is.

Most recently though, Soname proved to all that money was made to be spent much the same way as loving parents are meant to be celebrated. It was the 90th birthday of his mother, Madam Rachel Abisola Soname. 90 years is a long, long time. And so our guy invited fellow movers and shakers to the ceremony.

The event which took place at Obafemi Awolowo Recreation Centre is a launching pad experience for whoever wishes to attain the height of wealth. With personalities such as King of the World Beat, King Sunny Ade gracing the ceremony, what’s not to like? If Mama is not tired, may she live even longer.