Bakare Mocks 2023 Presidential Aspirants

Tunde Bakare
The Serving Overseer of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare, yesterday mocked those he described as 2023 presidential ‘hope-fools,’ insisting that they cannot succeed because they have stolen what belongs to the people.
The Pastor also warned unnamed persons living in highbrow Bourdillon part of Ikoyi in Lagos, whom he accused of feeding fat on public funds and flying around in private jets, vowing that they would one day be made to vomit the funds they had stolen.
He accused the Lagos State Government  of failing to fix the roads in the state since 1999.
According to The Cable, Bakare said this during a sermon at the Latter Rain Assembly.
Bakare decried the poor state of roads in Lagos State, adding that such “selfish people” have failed to impact positively on the lives of the people.
The pastor said rather than treat such people as the thieves that they are, some people would rather say “he is a thief but he is generous.”
“The foolish person would no longer be called generous. You can say ‘so so and so’ has stolen all the money in the state, but he is a very generous man, you are foolish.
“That’s why potholes are killing you, that’s what pools of water… you can’t drive now anymore because what is meant for road has been stolen since democracy began, they are living larger than life having jets here, having jets there, having house in Bourdillon, having house in this place, having house in that place, having house in every place at the expense of the public.
“You will not go without vomiting what you have stolen. Wait, and see. Because a king will reign in righteousness and princes will rule with justice. Unfortunately, Nigerian people, you celebrate your villains and crucify your heroes.”
Speaking about the floods in Lagos, the convener of the Save Nigeria Group added that the government had not done right by the people.
“You’re complaining about flood. Since 1999, the condition of this road for 30 years now since I’ve been here has remained the same. They’ll do patch-patch, join-join, until rain comes and reveals that they have not been right with the people. “And you think your children will stand shoulder high above the perversity you have created? I see the race to 2023, congratulations Presidential ‘hope-fools’. You cannot, you have stolen what belong to all.
“You can tell the man, he is a very generous man, he would pay for your hospital bill because he didn’t build hospitals. The foolish person will no longer be called generous.
“Woe betide the government that does not know that the purpose of government is the welfare of the people,” Bakare added.