Seyi Tinubu’s Celebration with Less Privileged

Seyi Tinubu

Again, Seyi Tinubu, son of APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, had cause to engage in the celebration of life last Sunday.

In his characteristic way, the boss of Loatsad marked his birthday with the less privileged, motherless children and the hoi polloi across the state.

Society Watch gathered that young Tinubu gave out gifts and food items to these groups of people while he personally mingled and celebrated with them.

Contrary to the thinking in some quarters that his resolve to mark his birthday with the less privileged yearly is politically motivated, those close to him say it is his own humble way of appreciating God for His mercies on him.

“He is naturally a man given to giving. He doesn’t need to involve in such acts to gain relevance, politically.

“Truth be told, Seyi’s love for humanity knows no bounds, and he spares no expense to translate this in several ways.

“Seyi’s charitable giant strides over the years only go to support the axiom that, “In, if you have been blessed with wealth, it is not just enough to live the life of your dreams; what is most important is the legacy you leave behind and how many lives you have impacted positively,” a source said.