What’s the Obsession with Ambode?

Akinwumi Ambode

One thing seems to typify the Lagos State House of Assembly and it is the fact that it does not appear to understand the size and weight of the work on its hand as a legislature. It has spent virtually everyday chasing after former Governor Akinwunmi Ambode – enamoured by the pizzas and flashes of its position – whilst Lagos under their collective watch sinks.

The fact that they were almost blaming Ambode for the mess that Lagos has suddenly become under their watch speaks directly to not just incompetence but their lack of capacity to even understand their brief in modern day governance.

They delight in gathering like some misguided motley crowd with the mob mentality, only to undo Ambode and demystify whatever is left of his marks in the state.

No doubt, Ambode has himself to blame for what has become of him, because he mismanaged many things particularly, relationships with people. But, the fact that he has left office upon being denied a re-election is enough victory for his traducers.

Seeking to further destroy him under whatever guise is misplaced and inimical to the collective progress of the state. Lagos currently needs help; it needs attention; it needs leadership; it needs relief from the current pain of its deplorable state. Thus, rather make Ambode their obsession; the assembly should make Lagos their business – serious business!