UK-based Nigerian Singer Unveils New Singles

Josephine Emotan Shine

Rebecca Ejifoma

Following a successful show in London, Nigerian UK-based singer and song writer, Josephine Emotan Shine, recently hosted fans and music enthusiasts to a listening party in Lagos where she unveiled her singles.

The listening party was a crossover hangout that transformed the Prest Crew Water Front Hotel in Lekki into a mini stage for the unveiling of her new singles – a blend of classy, jazzy, rock and roll and trendy.

Popularly called Emotan Shine, the chameleon singer described herself as versatile. She can swerve into all genres and fit in flawlessly.

“I enjoy writing songs. I can write any kind of music – Jazz, Reggae, R&B, and other genres. I am versatile and I try to make my music universal,” she expressed.

Now, the Edo State indigene enthused further about her music, which evangelises freedom, a message of hope that someday things will fall into pleasant places.

“I do whatever I can to pass my message and entertain my fans. I love my songs preaching freedom,” she stressed.

While she played mellifluously to her listeners, it was easier to fall into memories of music from the 70s and 80s. Indeed, it is hard for musicians like her to come by in this age and time.

“I try to make my music universal so that everyone can connect. From the few tracks I have done, I think people have been able to relate to my music,” she recalled.

Undoubtedly, she is optimistic about her passion and dream – music. “I know hopefully I will have a very good reception”.

Interestingly, not many know that Emotan Shine has written over 200 songs.

“I am a song writer. I have been writing since my young age. I have written over 200 songs,” she said.

With the current trend of musicians crossing the line to Nollywood, Emotan Shine says music remains her first love, as she sets to take the Nigerian musical industry by storm.

“Well, I think when you are a musician, you are naturally half acting because music is about expression and performance,” continuing that she could dabble into acting if it comes her way.

“With Freedom, Emotan Shine preaches the message of hope to beam their hearts again. “I wrote Freedom about 15 years ago to the world.

Her uttermost penchant is to beam a ray of light to those in bondage, depressed of poverty, sadness from corruption and in impoverished state not to throw in the towel.