Akinboro: Interactive Website Will Enhance Customer Experience

Fola Akinboro

Chief Executive Officer, ajala.ng, an online travel platform, Mrs. Fola Akinboro, spoke on the need for interactive and engaging website, the benefits of online transactions around aviation travels and ticketing, as well as online security issues, cyber-attacks and solutions. Emma Okonji presents the excerpts:

Security has become a major issue with online transactions, where websites are subject to attacks. How secured is your website and who are your technical partners?

Our website, ajala.ng is built on the latest security framework and world leading practices, it is completely secure. We work with a number of firms in terms of security and some other outsourced services that have proven track record with securing payment websites such as Paystack and GTPay. We have always ensured that our website is very secure and we are transferring same level of protection to the new website. The website is equally very interactive and easy to navigate.

How do you intend to update customers with security tips?

The security tips for our sites will be shared with our customers through various ways, we will reach out to them through any of our touch points either through email or the call centre. However, we will want to assure our customers that we have done everything to secure their details and it would not be compromised. The website is secured and we will continually upgrade it to allay any fear of our customers.

Downtime in business as a result of inaccessibility to website could affect customers in many ways. Who are your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and how do you intend to address issues associated with downtime in business, using your website?

Before the launch of this current site, which has been updated, we had an old website which worked optimally but as technological innovation evolved, we had to also evolve and move forward and that was the cause for unveiling a new website. Our web application (website) is hosted on the best cloud technologies to ensure 100 per cent availability. We could not take the risk of using a singular ISP hence risking downtime because we believe that our customers would always want to reach us at their convenient time and from the comfort of their homes and through their mobile devices. We hereby assure our customers that the site would be up and running round the clock.

Ease of navigation within a website makes it interesting to visit. How interoperable and simple is your website?

There is a saying that a business has only eight seconds to capture the user’s attention once they land on their website, this means that you have only eight seconds to show how amazing the brand is and to compel customers to make a purchase. The new ajala.ng is engaging, easier to navigate and has great deals that won’t leave holes in our customers’ pockets. We have designed the website in such a way that ajala.ng is constructed in a mobile and responsive state. It is easy to navigate and the speed of loading will reduce bounce rate. We have taken into account mounds of data regarding user experience which will ensure that our customers have the best experience when they visit the website and in turn this will encourage return visits.

The speed of navigation within a website is also key in business. How fast is the speed of transactions and communication on your website?

Speed is one of our greatest selling points. In the online travel agencies in Nigeria today, we are in the top three in terms of speed of our online platform. In addition, this is backed up by the reliability of the cloud technology that has been deployed. Our website will conserve data and give you the desired details as a customer for your travel and tours globally.

Is your website offering a dedicated or shared bandwidth service? If shared bandwidth, what is the timeframe to upscale and what assurances are you giving customers?

We offer dedicated bandwidth service hosted on the best cloud technologies to ensure more reliable services, such as having the same downloading and uploading speeds and capabilities always and the speed does not go dwindle or fluctuate during typical peak periods. This is our promise to client, ajala.ng is always available for every category of traveler all-year round.

Broadband access is expensive in Nigeria and such deters most people from participating in online transactions. How do you intend to drive customers to your website, amid high cost of internet bandwidth?

We have mapped out various marketing strategies to reach out to Nigerian travelers through the site. One of what informed our decision to upgrade our site is the fact that smartphones and mobile devices using various operating systems are used for internet by many people because it consumes less data and has a greater reach. As such, we have put all these into consideration while developing the website and we have built our application with a mobile first strategy. It is also important to note that the cost of internet bandwidth has reduced over the years and we are sure that in some few years, more Nigerians will have uninterrupted access to the internet.

Most commercial websites inundate customers with all manners of push adverts in a bid to attract customers. How do you intend to minimize huge outflow of adverts from your websites to customers mailing addresses?

The newly launched ajala.ng is equipped with a CRM tool that enables us to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout their visit to our website. This is with the goal of improving customer service relationships and experience which informs our sending relevant information to specific customers in order not to inundate them with push adverts.

What are the unique features that stand out Ajala.ng website?

The website comes with exciting unique features that make it easy to navigate, such as topflight deals, daily/weekly update to numerous destinations worldwide with unbeatable travel packages to anywhere around the world. In addition, the company provides hassle-free online visa processing services, smooth access to book car rentals and hotel bookings. The website is dynamic and it provides better engaging web experience on a host of varied devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops and also on all operating systems. This experience puts emphasis on the products and services we have to offer making the customers’ journey seamless and convenient on ajala.ng. The interactive website will enable our customers to make informed decisions for their holistic travel experience.

The website also  offers the best online platform for travel and hotel booking services with unrivalled customer support system, and the site has been updated with the newest technological trends in order to offer customers with the best deal possible while traveling to anywhere around the globe. We invested in this innovative technological solution that has many great features just at the speed of a click.