Yes, ‘Too Old to Run’ Bill Is Expedient!


With the success made of the ‘Not-too-Young’ to run bill in the eighth National Assembly, since the bill was at least passed and signed into law, there’s a new idea that is also coming up and it is as instructive as the first. It is the ‘Too-Old-to-Run’ bill recently proposed by a member of the lower chamber of the federal legislature.

Sponsored by Hon. Bede Eke from Aboh/Ngor Okpala Federal Constituency area of Imo State, the whole essence is to put a ceiling on the age limit of those, who run for certain offices like the president especially, those within the bracket of retirement age.

The rule of the aged has become an African nemesis and must be addressed as soon as possible for true development to take place. There is no doubting the fact that age naturally slows people down and it is worse when such an individual is further incapacitated by ill-health, which more often than not is natural for people of 60 years and above.

Although it is feared that unlike the not-too-young to run bill, this one might suffer the conspiracy of the elite as practically every of Nigerian politician in his 70s still wants to be president, that won’t stifle it. After all, there is no harm in trying out a sound idea that would enhance the process of genuine nation building.