Sex for Grades – Let’s Go There


This is a minefield. I already tried my minority argument on social media, come and see the abuse they hurled at me – the moral majority. The same way they abused my grandfather and called him a pedophile during the Dakolo/Coza matter. You see my take on all these things as in all things is the need for us to always allow the constituted processes for seeking justice take their course. Now what is very clear is that there is a general lack of confidence in our institutions and processes which is leading to ‘self-help’. So a young girl who continues to face harassment and is very confident that she would not get justice will have no choice but to go the route of self-help to win her case.

This is sad. This our country is yeye and is gradually turning into a banana republic. When people have lost faith in the intuitions, we can only get anarchy. Get me straight, I will never support this act, it is vile and must be condemned in very strong terms. But in so doing, the need to use these episodes to strengthen our institutions must be paramount.

So the video has been released, now let’s allow due process take its course as we watch very closely as our institutions and their leaders carry on. Enough of the mob mentality, it will only led to anarchy. I hope you guys understand my position and all of you calling my daughter into this talk, let me warn you.

That is illiterate talk. When you cannot engage in logical and fact based talk, you will be saying, ‘you have daughter o, if someone does that to your daughter what will you do?’ Is that talk? Is that commonsense? So if lecturer harass my daughter, I should go and carry pestle and break his head? Rubbish! We must all begin to help our institutions by building confidence in them, work with them, insist on our rights and see if justice will not be served. So we cannot be undermining the system, by bribing to gain admission, bribing to change NYSC posting, bribing to change course of study, watch our kids be having sex in Big Brother House, watch our daughters go to school in near-naked attire and when lecturer jump into the cesspool we run to BBC to do video.

We are all to blame. By the way, let me warn lecturers o, don’t go and be reading this my write-up and go and try my daughter o. The one wey I dey talk here na just writing for people to read o, you go see wild masquerade if you try o. I dey warn you o. Yeye dey smell.

UNILAG VC – Please Resign

This is very simple. Just resign and go. Something of this magnitude happened on your watch and you are still wearing suit and be walking around the campus and smiling? It’s time we begin to smell the coffee and act accordingly. You have what in banking we call vicarious liability – whatever that means and as such you cannot quickly throw your pot-bellied miscreants under the bus and continue as if that solves the problem.

You cannot tell me, you were not aware of the so-called ‘cold room’ as shown in that Video. You can also not tell me that you have not heard or seen cases of this nature. If you preside over a system that has made justice impossible in a case like this, if you preside over a system that seems to nurture lecherous and randy bigots masquerading as lecturers then you really do not deserve to still be there.

The bulk stops at your desk and not on the tables of these lecturers. I have it on good authority that your so-called committee that handles sexual harassment cases is filled with people of questionable character. I cannot prove this because na gist but then again the fact that these girls had to go the route of a sting operation gives credence to this.

I am not one to join the baying mob and be shouting crucify him, but we must start the sanitisation of the system by instilling principled leadership. So please my lord fall on your sword and go, this would send a very strong signal to the putrid system and you would have made history as that one leader who put his head on the chopping block of principles. You can open JAMB lessons for Akoka and make better money after all how much can your official salary possibly be? Please go.

Mrs Fayemi – You Don’t Mean It

I have read all over that mummy says that she too was sexually harassed while at Unilag. Well this is quite unfortunate and sad and not because of the trauma that she must have gone through but because she has kept silent and not done anything about the matter despite her position and power. Well, you see where the problem is – when we refuse to take up personal battles and fight for society’s sanity.

I have tried to keep quiet on this matter because of the very sensitive nature. Will I be struggling with Her Excellency on a matter like this but then again, it’s quite painful that a woman of her stature if this report is true will not use her position to shine more light on this matter, build a trust fund that would defend and protect younger girls and even carry the fight to Unilag and make sure she pushes the Vice Chancellor into the lagoon for the fishes to chew on his manhood so that he will have sense and institute a transparent and efficient regime for justice in the school.

Make I keep quiet because if I talk now it will be like say I am saying that this statement by mummy if it is true is only jumping on a train for relevance but I will not talk. Just beats my imagination how we react to things. Oya, the video has come out, the declaration of harassment has been made, what next? Gele and make up to the next Owambe? Sad.