You know I am a strident critic of that sham they have called Big Brother Nigeria and have been shouting myself hoarse against the programme and what it stands for. Anyways last Sunday being the final, I decided to watch it because of the huge payout they were giving.

I was watching with one eye though as I was selling my new book Aaaarrghhh on the phone to very eager people – one SAN buy 50 copies, maybe he want resell o. Anyways my eye open when that Ebuka boy just announce that 240m people voted over a three-month period and a massive 50m voted during the last week. My wife surprise when she see tears dey commot for my eyes. People are paying to vote here o and for INEC own wey na free only 5,000 people go vote in a governor.

I hear the organizers made a whooping N2b for themselves for voting o. So when I cry finish, I come look at the facts. Let’s discount multiple voting, no age barrier in voting, voting by other nationals you will still see that this was a massive voter turnout by Nigerians. Let’s safely say all of this removes 50% of voters.

That leaves us with about 120m Nigerians voted, that means that more people voted for this girl than our President. Well for me and this is why I feel that the INEC Chairman should forget pride and go and do a three-month internship at multi choice to learn these things. I tell you, no ballot snatching, no PVC wahala, efficient polling processes, effective use of electronic and mobile telephony, no server problem and much more importantly vote counting was seamless and result not contested and accepted by all and we say we have lazy youths? Please Mr. Chairman better send your CV so that when next I am going to pay my subscription, I go drop am and discuss the possibility. Kai. I don run o.