In Search of Sixth Next Titan

The Next Titan is Nigeria’s biggest entrepreneurial reality TV Show which has been influencing the minds of Nigerian youths to see entrepreneurship as a viable career option in the face of unemployment. A successful show which has produced five entrepreneurs who are currently making waves across the continent. As the Season Six that would discover another talented and gifted entrepreneur kicks off last week, Funke Olaode unveils the top 16 entrepreneurs that made it into the house to battle for the coveted crown during the 10-week competition show

Kuti Olatunde is a young man from Lagos State. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery. He is also into Fashion, Medicine, and Technology. Though a trained Doctor, he believes he can also do more in the Fashion and Technology world. In 10 years’ time, Kuti sees himself being a leading force in the Fashion Industry by creating a platform where Medicine meets Fashion and a setting where things are done with ease both medically and technologically.

Victor Ani-laju a native of Enugu State studied Business Education. The young man sees himself in a Leadership position in the Nigeria Government in a few years’ time. He also hopes to be the founder of one of the leading global brands in Africa. His plan for Nigeria is to make life easy for Nigerians by providing a very easy payment solution that enables them to own houses, car and all other necessities of life and pay over 20-30 years.

Anigala Kenneth hails from Delta State and a graduate of B.Sc. Accounting, As an Afro-Centric Fashion Designer, Kenneth believes he will be better than other known brands in the world because of his outstanding creative ideas. He plans to sell African made Designs to the world as a whole hereby bringing Nigeria into the global fashion map.

Chizoba Ejike, a zealous and determined young lady, holds a B.Sc. in Accounting and hails from Anambra State. She is the CEO of Glim and Glow and Dassah Hair which is the trademark of Glim and Glow that deals in importation and distribution of hair products. She is a cosmetologist who sees herself owning her own label, company and also factory.

Rachael Airewele a B.Ed. holder in Geography is a young entrepreneur who doesn’t like ‘wahala’ and hails from Edo state. She is a Fashion Designer who majors in Bespoke wears and Statement pieces. She wants to be among one of the biggest Fashion Designers in the world with her pieces on New York Fashion Shows and also Milan Fashion Shows. She hopes to go into Politics in future.

Adebiyi Ajayi is a Resourceful young man from Ogun State with an LLB, BL and NLS. He is a trained Lawyer but outside that, he consults for Small Businesses, trains Cooperate Organizations, an Event Host and also a voice-over artiste. He has a Real Estate and Property/ Facility Management Firm. In a few years, he sees himself as a major player in Real Estate Service Market as a Market Leader. He hopes to go into Politics later in the future.

Dr. Afes Hilda is from Edo State and a Doctor of Medicine. She is not just a typical Doctor; she enjoys art, music, and dancing. She likes to prove that you don’t have to be in the box to be who you are but can also be out of the box and still be who you are. Dr. Afes is the Founder of Health Card which she believes is going to save millions of Nigerians from Health Emergency and Aid Pharmaceutical Care that will impact society globally.

Clinton Nnaji is an Innovative Urban Men’s Wear Designer who is from Enugu State with a B.A. in International Studies and Diplomacy. He is charismatic and bold. He looks forward to establishing a diverse Retail Distribution Chain of ‘Style Platter’’ in different parts of the world going beyond Africa to New York and Milan. Before his expansion, he tends to start the ambition from Nigeria in the home of production ‘’ABA’’ and also looking forward to leveraging on technology via E-commerce.

Olatunde Fadahunsi is a much-conserved person and a graduate of Civil and Environmental Engineering. He is into Instant Blazed Smoked Chicken. He is from Ogun State. He hopes to establish a nationwide brand and identity in a few years. He will also like to be the face of integrity and be a light that attracts value, opportunity, power, and domination.

Mbaka Ugo from Abia State, a graduate in B.Tech. (Environmental Technology) is a vibrant human being who ensures that impact is made wherever he finds himself. Ugo is into waste management and recycling. In 10 years he believes his company should have gone public both locally and internationally. He wants to give back to society by setting up a kidney foundation to help people with kidney issues. He also hopes to be involved in the power sector to improve the electricity supply in Nigeria is better.

Ronke Shittu, with a degree in M.Sc. Renewable Energy and Resource Management is a born Kwara State citizen who is into Agro Processing. She is presently into honey and peanut butter business. She is result-oriented and she tries to incorporate that in every part of her life. She sees herself in some few years dominating in her profession and also her products in every nook and cranny of Africa and beyond.

Harvey Oiku is a goal-oriented Edo State man from Esan central with a degree in B.Sc. Accounting. He is into E-commerce Solution for Packaging Industries. Presently his company operates in 32 states in Nigeria and four other countries and hopes to scale up the number soon. One of the things that will give him joy on Nigeria is a drastic reduction on unemployment and one of the ways he will love to help is what he is presently doing which is building a brand and growing it to become an Institution.

Abisoye Alagbe a graduate ofB.Sc. Microbiology is a jovial and creative young lady from Oyo State who is into Styling Services and Production. Abisoye hopes to see herself on top of the food chain in the Styling Industry standing strong in her specific department. She considers herself a weirdo but in a funny way. She hopes to empower young minds and contribute to tourism in Nigeria.

Amifeoluwa Yakubu who is from Kaduna State believes that her name is a unique one which means ‘’signs of God’s love’’ Amifeoluwa has an M.Sc. in Architecture. She is charismatic, who sees herself as a Top Business Tycoon in Nigeria in a few years. She is into Mass Production of uniforms and Garments. She hopes to help the less privileged children in creating jobs for the unemployed thereby reducing poverty and helping people have a better way of living.

Omeche Oko is from Benue State but born and breed in Jos, a graduate in Zoology. She is a Filmmaker. Omeche says she is a pretty face but a very smart one and likes to brag about that. In few years she sees herself shooting film with A-list celebrities, Hollywood and Nollywood actors, having an international TV production studio, owning a TV station and also owning an international and local photography and videography studio that covers all kinds of events. She hopes to provide as many job employments for all kinds of entrepreneurs with this aspiration.

Catherine is from Benue State who is into agro-processing. She is an MA holder in International Relations and Strategic Studies. She hopes that her company, Veda Foods and Beverages, would be one of the most sought after local food in the industry particularly cereals which is her focus niche. She hopes to become much better in the industry she plays in. She also hopes as a company to be able to contribute their quota to the reduction of malnutrition and post-harvest loss in Nigeria.

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